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  1. peach

    New boy.

    Thanks Sarah. Heaps proud of him.
  2. peach

    New boy.

    Here's a photo of my first boy that I bought from my LFS. Got sold to me as a blue delta tail. Not too sure if he is. Could be a hm. His ventral fins are slightly red, the only red on him & they curl? Not too sure if that's bad. He's being housed with two Cory catfish in a 36L & seems happy so far.
  3. Got my first Betta from the LFS today. Blue delta tailed male. :D

    1. Sarah


      Congrats on your first betta. :)

      Do upload pics, please. We would love to see. :)

    2. melbournebetta


      Welcome to the party!

  4. Hey everyone, Just saying hi & introducing myself. Just aquired a empty free tank (woo-hoo!) and was looking into breeding betta.
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