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    i breed b/n guppies and snails soon hoping to breed my two bettas
  1. they look great les good luck with spawning
  2. yes i use mw for the first week and bbs until they are big enough to eat pellets and for my abuts i feed high protein guppy pellets and for my giant i feed him bigger sized pellets and for food try ringing lots of shops aqotix,vebas and morely aquariums might be better choices of shops for live food what betas have you got at the moment? thanks riley
  3. rileyviks


    thanks serkan i might leave them in the container
  4. rileyviks


    hey guys i got my first p82 eggs today and just wondering how to hatch them thanks riley
  5. rileyviks


    thank you yes i noticed she was swimng at the bottom a bit
  6. rileyviks


    hey guys i got a black hm female today and she looks like her tails really heavy and she vertical and she is sinking and she has to keep swimming up i was just wondering if anybody knows what this is
  7. i had two a while ago and it was so cool to watch them spare i always took them out before it got to serious but it was so fun to watch i also bought them both as females from city farmers (score) and after that i was looking into breeding them but of course mum said i already have enough fish thanks riley
  8. wow they look great les
  9. i hope they turn out like the dad
  10. rileyviks

    Royal Blue Giant

    les i did see him last time but the water was really dark so i didn't get a good look
  11. http://s1354.photobucket.com/albums/q699/viks11/?action=view&current=fish009_zps1a5ec5ff.jpg heres the pics ill put some up of the fry soon
  12. nice they are looking good les
  13. rileyviks

    Royal Blue Giant

    they look great les i hope they breed well and good luck
  14. thanks les ill sing up to photo bucket and give it a try
  15. i can't figure out how to add them so ill take them with dads phone
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