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  1. what i did was drill 9 holes in the 3 partitions in a square like pattern and it worked well
  2. i was thinking it could be due to the 10mm thick perspex that i have used as dividers water can get to every section but it isn't a lot i was thinking of drilling in big enough holes so the water can flow but the fish cant go through to help with the spreading of the water.
  3. I recently bought a 55Watt aquaone heater for my 40L tank. the heater works well except for one thing because the tank is partitioned only the section that the heater is in actually reaches the temperature and the other three are way off. any ideas or advice on what i should do
  4. thanks all i currently have four bettas but im not sure on what they are and their sexes. i bought two from a pet shop both males then another two which i was told were females but i have my doubts. I've had them for about two - three months. I'll put some pics up soon and hope to get your thoughts and opinions
  5. Hi All, My name is Aaron and just started getting into Fighting Fish and interested in learning about a few ins and outs of the species. Hope i can get some help on some questions that I have already.
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