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  1. Hiya! Thanks for the warm welcome! I just signed up to Photobucket so let me know if I'm not linking properly! Betta #1 - Tron. I bought him from the Aquarium at Queen Vic Markets. I'm looking at him as I'm typing and he's doing a little wiggle in front of the glass hoping for a treat. I call him a white halfmoon, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Here he is... excuse the fat tummy, he's a pig. His home... he now has a few cherry shrimp living with him and helping housekeep. He's quite placid and doesn't bother them at all. Betta #2 - Jaws. Also purchased at Queen Vic Mark
  2. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all! My name is Monica and I'm from Melbourne. I started keeping fish earlier this year and absolutely love bettas! My current fish - One ~20L heated/filtered tank with a very cheeky giant plakat named Jaws. He lives with two apple snails and 4 corydoras catfish. He loves being handfed freeze-dried bloodworms and will happily wrap himself around your finger. He also has his own pirate ship which he guards, as well as plenty of live plants he likes to nap on. One ~20L heated/filtered hexagonal tank with a very greedy white halfmoon named Tron who lives
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