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  1. my bettas must have felt sorry for my loss... 3 pairs currently spawning!

    1. mandz


      all have had their eggs hatch today :)

  2. Just lost a complete spawn, they were about a week old, but something happened and they ALL were dead in the tank

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    2. Rhysmachine101
    3. Sarah


      Oh no, I'm sorry! :(

      Can you respawn the parents?

    4. mandz


      probably could, but I have other ones I like better anyway LOL

  3. Fourth spawn for the month... YAY

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    2. mandz


      they are only veil tails, although I put a double tail in with a HM female just for fun LOL....I can't get the 'prettier' ones to spawn

    3. mumofthehoarde
    4. mandz


      5th spawn happening now... half moon male and super delta female... haven't seen any eggs drop yet, so fingers crossed we have some success

  4. I'm away in Wagga at the moment for Uni and am missing my fish LOL... my bf told me today that my double tail male and my hmpk female have spawned... just want to get home to my babies!

    1. mandz


      counted all the babies when I got home, and 469 in that spawn

  5. Had 2 spawns today :D very excited

  6. Can't wait for my first spawn to grow :) I'm excited!

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