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  1. Just looked at the spawn tank. It's more like guessing game. Just saw three babies on the floor around dad and one far right corner of the tank. Wondering if there are more in the clump of java moss. I forgot how tiny they are when they are around 3 days old. Added new batch of VE culture into the tank. I hope it's worth doing and they are at least eating. Was contemplating of leaving the dad in there for couple more days until the babies can take bbs.
  2. Sarah, Thank you. I will need definitely need luck in the next few days esp for my BBS hatchery. Will be starting them this saturday once the babies are free swimming. Shadoh, It was cool to be able to record the male flaring when he is protecting his nest. It's rare to see him to flare back at the camera without me putting a mirror near the tank. I am glad you enjoyed watching the short clip.
  3. Shadoh, cheers mate. Time for a cuppa and watch them grow. Thanks for letting me know about the privacy settings. I have now change it so you can view it.
  4. Thanks, Bettarazzi. It did really happen I'm proud of this boy. Bought him from Upmarket and i'm glad he is the right choice for my HM female. Phone hard to capture the babies. I will go one step higher. Video camera function on HTC. Here it is
  5. Hatched early this morning Little babies now. All wanting dad's attention. It's always fun to look at dad catching and blowing them up to the nest. Pity I don't know where's my camera. I would have taken some shots. Vinegar eel culture up and ready Mum having a great time in sorrority tank.
  6. I would like to add as well. This is not really courting info but i think it helped me with conditioning my pair while they are being together in the spawn tank. For me, at first I had trouble feeding both male and female at the same time in my spawn tank. The male kept on chasing the female away from the food source. So, instead of taking out the male and female separately, I used a mirror on one side of the tank for the male to flare at. Once, the male is flaring, the female can easily go around the tank without being harass by the male. That's when I feed the female first then once I think the female have enough, I take away the mirror and feed the male. I have been feeding adult brine shrimp for conditioning. It's much easier than worms because they are smaller and more active in their own way. Both fishes take them straight away. I think the mirror also act as a stimulus for the male to defend its territory and its mate in the tank.
  7. Came home with a big smile on my face. Pair had spawned. Eggs noted on the bubble nest today. Dad seemed to be fixing it up the nest. Will be exciting time in the next few days. Re-stock my VE culture and will get my hatchery bbs up once more. Time to move my females into the 3 foot tank to give more space for my fishies.
  8. Thanks Kertaz, So far, I've been conditioning this pair with mossie larvae. Will be another week before I will put them in the spawn tank together. I hope I get a spawn out of this pair. I would like a hmpk spawn. This remind me I need to do water change in the male's tank. Water turn to cloudy for some reason yesterday.
  9. Shadoh, With the couple copper PK you had, were they from your orange marble spawn or much earlier spawn. I'm curious about how they look like since you mention it. Just want to compare notes about breeding HM PK.
  10. Shadoh, He does look like that in real life. At first, I thought he had a copperish sheen. But, at the closer look he does have a red wash in him. I like the red wash for some reason. I think it adds a bit of character in the fish itself. I'm working towards more a multi color/fancy HM PK rather a pure colors. Of course, looking primary at the fish overall form. I am predicting that the first generation will hold long fin traits. Also, I am excited to see this color combination once conditioning/tango time period is over.
  11. Currently in breeding tank and conditioning Conditioning: Mossie larvae Date: 14 April 2012 I am not sure what color I should put this HM Pk male. To me, he looks like White/Black dragon male. His scale looks like it has a layered effect. Anyone can confirm this? I would greatly appreciate your help. For female, female from my 1st generation of my royal blue line. Male Female Aim: 1) To get a HM PK female of any color (can't seem to find any female that I am looking for) 2) To get my own snow dragon HM PK in future Like this one or Wish me luck!
  12. Paul, The spawn was big but then Mother nature came and lend a hand. I lost quite a few along the way. I was experimenting things (Mad scientist in the lab) to work out the best way I can get the most growth out of my fish. So, at the end, the spawn was around 30s. I think there wasn't any turquoise in my spawn is because both parents that I had used did not have a any copper modifiers. I notice from Kertaz spawn when he bred Ness copper male with Michael's royal blue female, the spawn was divided into three different colors; royal blue, turquoise and copper. It interesting to notice that the copper had a shade of blue/green tint to its fins. As for masking, I think from what I gather from my spawn, the color of the blue are more spread out across the body rather than giving an appearance of layered effect "dragon effect". Correct me if I am wrong with the definition of "dragon" scaling effect. So, the blue itself in my opinion are not dull but have some lustre appearance to it. I imagine if I were to do a second generation, I would choose the male who have roughly 100 % spread metallic scaling (body, fin and head) with a steel blue female. But, I am currently experimenting on HMPK. The second generation will have to wait for their turn.
  13. It turn out that the male and female are not ready. Had to pull the plug on them this afternoon. Brought in a younger male and female. Male (Platinum white pk HM) and female (Powder royal blue female: long fin) This young pair looks promising.
  14. Correction on the male. It's actually Steel Blue not Steel Copper.
  15. 13 April 2012 Just introduce the boy and girl in the spawn tank. Will commence conditioning next week monday. Both parties haven't shown sign of interest. Hopefully, in the next few days, things will happen. Will have to buy more black worms during conditioning period and check if my VE culture is still alive. Photos will be up soon.
  16. setting up my breeding tank for 2012 breeding season. HM pk and DT HM is on the list so far.

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      EXCITING!!! We need pics of the 2011 batches pleeze!

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      p.s. still interested in ladies for my new beyonce tank!

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      ladies? Half giant ladies, okay with you?

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  17. Ness, I nearly forgot about this post. My blues were Royal blue/red wash x (Bettarazzi) super Royal blue female. Result were Royal blue red wash : Steel blue (50: 50) Steel blue male Royal blue with red wash male Royal Blue male. For copper cross with super blue, I think the offspring will turn out copper blueish, turquoise, and metallic royal blue similar to the fish bred by Kertaz.
  18. Shadoh, Thanks for your comment. I too like the color of the steels. I never expect to have some steel in this spawn. :P
  19. Finally, my camera is working. Three different colors coming up from my Royal Blue (red wash) x Royal blue HM 02 HM 04 HM 06 HM07 HM 08 HM 09 HM09
  20. Thanks for the photos, ness. I would love to have score some points on the show in the next Betta meeting. Prepping some my males to the upcoming show. I hope I'll be free on that day so i can't at least spend some time with you guys at the pub :P
  21. that other blue boy looks great, ness. Is that one of the boys from this spawn?
  22. Depending on how my Hm babies are holding up in the next few days, I will bring one or two for the show. Maybe 1 copper HM and 1 copper CT Male, and Cambodian HM
  23. LOL ness i havent put any spawn log for this. it's a hush hush spawn.. an accident that happened 3 months ago I have now about 14 males and 10 females and some unsex (5) at the moment (so tiny that can be mistaken as platy babies) My link Picture of dad Mum was from one of Michael's super blue female (royal blue) I don't have any photos of mum cos she passed away way before i remember taking photo of her. I have her sibling sister so down the track i may try to breed a male back to his auntie.
  24. hey Ness, they are still juvis (approx 2.5 to 3 cm) and i think they are roughly 3.5 months old.
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