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  1. BettaRazzi, Can I reserve a tub of Grindal worm starter culture for sunday?
  2. If you are able to that will be fantastic. I'll probably need to share notes for looking after grindals. Never had any success with them as late. I'm happy that my bbs hatchery is doing fine. So, I'll keep pumping the red goodies into them until they are big enough to take black worm/grindal worm/pellets.
  3. Michael, They hatched but it will take super miracle for them to be on grindals. Unless you have some to pass down my way. They are on bbs diet now and occasionally MW when bbs supply are low.
  4. Wrapping was a success even though after a few fumbles here and there. Babies hatched today. Dad's loooking after them 24/7 now. He seemed a bit frantic about making sure that all babies are upstairs rather than down stairs. Good sign. Will try this pair again once all bubs have been moved into growout tub. Added bbs eggs now. I hope they hatch since this is al old batch of bbs eggs from Kertaz. Checked my VE culture from 2 years ago. Seem to be okay but culture need some starting up. Spot light will be on the next three nights.
  5. Close up of female CT prior to spawn.
  6. Photos as evidence of spawn Wrapping completed at 10.13 am. Female in her container now. Add few drops of medicine and fed her Atisan pro pellet. Now waiting for next three days for the fry to be free swimming. Cross fingers all will be fine and male is a good parent. Found my old bbs eggs in the fridge. Hope some eggs are viable so that I don't have to go looking around for bbs eggs.
  7. Introduced pair last week. Female Royal Blue x Male Royal Blue (Both have a some red wash) I believe this pair is a very young pair. Female and male have been condition live food before purchase (Thanks Ness for this information) Released female yesterday and left her with the male over night. Wrapping commence sometime early this morning while I was asleep (possibly 6.30 - 7.00 am). Wrapping continue till 9.30 am. Still going Eggs dropped 9.00 am (Took few wraps to get it right) BBS hatchery was set up three days ago. Now looking to purchase BBS eggs. Photos and vid will be up soon.
  8. Paul, I was so convinced it was a male. I even tried pairing up with my new royal blue CT female. It was bizarre thing to see that it was not interested at all. Maybe that is a definite sign it is a female not a male. One good thing came out from this discovery, sexing plakat is a challenge. I don't know how you boys in brissie do your jarring and sexing. Having her/he is enough for me to go crazy. So, I can clearly say I have a female HM/Plakat who is on steriods Shadoh, Yeah I had that thought too when I first saw the eggs. Males don't produce eggs. They eat them but never produce them. All good now. Now, to find a good looking "BOY" to match up with this feisty girl. Ness, Yeah, I will bring her to next coming Vic betta meet. You can meet her in person. She's gorgeous when she is in a good mood. :P
  9. I think Mother Nature is playing a prank on me. Just went to do some water change when I notice something different in my betta container. I didn't believe my eyes. It look round and whitish. Upon further check, to my surprise it's actually eggs. My betta had been dropping eggs and now munching on them. After a few minutes, all gone. So, is this plakat male or female?!!! It flares like a male yet just dropped eggs in the container today. Is this the time to throw the towel and move on to better things in life?
  10. He is about 9 - 10 months old now. He is one of two survival from my HM PK x HM female spawn I started last year. http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=13526&view=findpost&p=153465 In terms of breeding, should I condition him and wait till he grows a bit more before putting him into the spawn tank.
  11. Shadoh, Thanks for informing me about the signing issue. I have rectify the problem now. Video of my plakat flaring I notice vertical bars when it flars back at my other HM male. Confuse whether male or female at this stage.
  12. Hey all, I have been working myself up trying to figure out whether my plakat that I have bred is a male or female. I've tried pairing up with another female CT but this fish was not even interested i.e. flaring at her. I also put it into a tank by itself with almond leaves hoping there is some bubblenest action for a week. Nothing. I did however put it with my HM male together and it seem to be flirting with him all across the tank. So, I thought it might be a female but looking at the body conformation, appearance of egg white spot under belly and size. But, another opinion to help me investigate whether it is male or female. Thanks for your input guys. Here are some photos My Plakat
  13. After a week of neglect due circumstances, I checked my babies in my spawn and I have a mixed bag of colours. Some of the babies are showing metallic spread; blue and green. The rest no metallic spread. Their growth had slowed down a bit because I havent done much WC lately. Hopefully in few weeks time, I can persuade dad to move them down into the 2 foot tank. By that time, I hope their growth will accelerate more. They are now on tiny micron pellets (Sera). Would love to have Atisan pellet for fry first hand but it was sold out. I will stick with this until they can take atison betta pro pellets.
  14. Ness, can't wait for more photos. My last blue male had floated into the blue yonder. I want to get into blue HM as my last spawn was exciting. Will be looking forward for more photos in near future.
  15. Zui, Thank you for your comment. Still more to go We still have the jarring and sexing to do. That would be the tricky part. Also, critical part of the fry is from 5 weeks old to 8 weeks old. That's when they will start putting on meat on their body and grow their finnage. High quality food is needed here. Probably will need to start feeding them Atison pro pellet in 2 weeks time.
  16. Sarah, Thank you for your comments. They are doing well. Just add fresh bbs 2 hours ago. So, they are pretty full now. Saw them just chilling at the surface of the water. Thought it was a good idea to take photo of them before they hide into the java moss. :P
  17. Babies at 2 to 3 weeks old Ventrals beginning to sprout at 3 weeks old. Length of the babies from the tip of their mouth to the end tip of their caudal is approximately 0.7 to 0.9 cm in length
  18. Ness, I think its a good idea to separate the spawn if you have any spare tanks around. The more space they have, the more clean water they will get. Also, I think with less competition for food, the babies will grow much faster. I suggest 10 per 1 foot tank (but < 20 babies per 1 foot tank). This is only my rough estimation. That's what I would do if I have big spawn like > 80 babies. I wish I did this earlier in my royal blue HM spawn. Nearly 85 % of the HM babies were malnourished and weak when I left them all in the one same tank. That's my two cents. Keep it up! Giant spawn may not be exciting for some, but I think once they mature to adult size they are fun to watch especially feeding time. They're like pirahnas when it comes to frozen Blood worms. Ness, One more thing, because they are half giants, they will need more feed than normal betta babies. Kertaz and I were discussing about feeding my half giants, we kinda came to a conclusion if they have giant genes in them, we need to feed more than usual to help them grow to their maximum size. If you have any grindal worm culture, just see if they would go for it. Just a teaser. So, at least, you have bbs and grindal as their staple diet. They will grow big in no time.
  19. Ness, Great work on looking after the babies. They look fantastic. In terms their growth rate with normal bettas, I think they will grow at a normal rate like normal betta. The only difference is that they will keep putting on body size after 8 months of age. For my half giant spawn, 8 months old is still considered juvenile. After 12 months, they will reach to their maximum size. The boys will grow a bit more but the female will stop. Then, they should be ready to breed. So, technically, we will be looking at 12 months old before some of the babies will reach to dad's size. Some babies will differ in size depending on their growth rate. Let me know how everything goes. Would love a pair from this spawn.
  20. HM fry about 2 weeks old. I counted this morning I have nine fry in the tank. Good number since the pair I introduced is a new pair. Hopefully, if they produce good offspring, I will try again. They're going well with live bbs. I went to local LFS and they had Atisan starter pellet. I wonder if I should try feeding them the pellets once they are 4 weeks old.
  21. I'll see if I can bring 10 giant females with me in one go. Had an issue last time. Won't repeat that again.
  22. I will bring some of giant females and combtail ventraless female for show. Will have some giant females for sale if anyone interested in more females in their sorrority tank Will show my HM Pk as well.
  23. Les, Thank you for your well wishes. I have counted 5 fry so far. I think it won't be a big spawn like I had with my Royal blue HM spawn. I hope at least one of them are female. I like the form on the male as well.
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