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  1. Jarrod, Very nice!! Good find Exciting to see how its rays will develop as he matures.
  2. Jarod, Thanks for your comments. I totally agree with you about choosing the male with the least amount of red to breed with. I will look out to see if any of my female are steel Blue. Most likely they are either royal blue or turquoise.
  3. MT Syndrome, They turned out good especially the one that had issues of swim bladder since he is 4 weeks old. Kept him and he turn out to be a gold nugget. Females turn out way better than i thought too. I was worried they may inherit their mums irregular rays. But, so far, the DNA lady have been kind to me. Now to work out which female to use to start my own line of Black Devil Crowntail.
  4. After having a disaster on the bbs front for the past week, this spawn might be called ventraless. Sighs. Last attempt to get some bbs hatching today. Hopefully save some and if luck is on my side, some of the babies will start to grow their ventrals. (cross my fingers)
  5. Jarrod, Thank your for your feedback. I don't know much about Balok Ray extensions. Is that like balloon like appearance? Most of the males that I have do have some red wash (probably about 30/40 percent) on their ventrals. Fortunately, I spotted a female that have no red wash on her ventrals. She's a keeper in my books (Photo of female shown in previous replies). What about his older brother? Do your reckon he's a keeper/future breeeder as well in your opinion? I was thinking either using the first male that I posted here or his older brother as part of future breeders/show fish.
  6. Close up shot of the same male. Close up shot of one of my female CT Comparison between the male above and his sister. Second CT male Third CT male
  7. Jarrod, I will try to take a picture of him and his sister to compare. His ventrals is approx. the same length as his anal fin. I believe it will grow longer as he matures. Just jarred a pair of turquoise CT today. Photos will be up once they are settling in and showing off to one another.
  8. Any attempts of taking photos of the males was a failure. They are just too hyper at this age to get the right shot. After few attempts, this is the best I can come up with. Just curious, do you think the rays will grow much longer or stay the same at this age? I know he has more growing to do. But, I'm anxious to know if he is able to scrap through with 30 % reduction.
  9. It took me 2 hours or more to decide which fish to be jar first. After much consideration, I have chosen my top 3 pairs. Photos will be taken once they are settling in well in the beanie boxes. During my selection process, I noted I have at least 7 more males and about 3 females left in the grow out tanks. So, this spawn is actually male dominated. But, I am happy with the females in this spawn. Hopefully I can condition them ready for Vic betta show coming in June.
  10. Jarrod, Nice looking male you got there and female too. I notice the father of my Ct spawn have a balloon effect on him too. Didn't notice that until after i had him for 4 months. I still haven't jarred my males yet as I am still working out a proper setup to jar 24 fish at the same time.
  11. Some of my boys i think have Swim bladder syndrome. I have to stop myself for feeding them their fav food black worms. When I walk past, they kept begging me for more. Can't resist their eyes.
  12. I think I got most of your males here, jarrod. In my spawn, I counted I had 8 males and 3 females so far. The rest I am not quite sure. Are your tails double rays or single rays?
  13. Les, Thanks mate. I hope you have some at the back. My giant boy is getting lonely by himself. He is the only one that is not getting some action. Tweaked: Fine tuned the water? Now, that's an interesting theory. What did you do? What was your findings?
  14. There is one. He is the hunchback of the spawn. You can spot him in the picture if you look carefully. Other than that, most of it look normal from my naked eye. Hopefully they will remain that way till they grow up
  15. Les, Do you have any spare female HM pK from this spawn?
  16. Ness, Great photography shots as always. Keep em coming :P
  17. Same. I would love to start a marine tank. Possibly in my two foot tank. But, it seem Marine nano tank is the way to go this days. How do you manage to get your coral to grow so well? I have a friend who is into marine and he is trouble getting his coral to grow. He is ending up algae all over his tank. He said its because he used tap water instead of RO water.
  18. Photo of babies approx. 1 week old. Majority are light bodied and shiny. Saw one or two dark bodied.
  19. Les, Yep you could freeze durian. We normally take it the way we eat vanilla ice cream. This only applies if you have are able to buy freshly picked durian. I t thaw out like ice cream consistency but with few bits of durian flesh. (That's where you can get durian ice cream ). You can even stir fry durian flesh and served it with chilli. Cheers, Denning
  20. Thanks for the encouraging feedback. I didn't feel quite comfortable last night after jarring them. I was kinda having fishy nightmares. Wondering if they are able to grow to their full potential in the jars or leave them longer in the growout tank. After further thought, I went for leaving them in the grow out tank for a nother 3 more weeks. Firstly, I don't think I can afford my effort in doing water changes these few weeks. Secondly, I'm trialing a water bath with fish box method in coming weeks. Also, they don't look mature enough to be jarred at 11 weeks. This leave me a month or two to work out how to jar them and water changes routine. I like watching the males now. They're showing off to see who is the better and stronger male. No full on spars yet i think. I just saw a male lost a bit of his fins yesterday, but it healed overnight.
  21. So, I have started jarring my fry now. But, been looking at other breeders spawn log i.e. bettaterritory and I noticed they jarred the fry when they are at atleast 15 weeks old. I am jarring mine at 11 weeks old. I wonder will that affect the betta in anyway i.e. stunt growth? Anyway, here is one of the fry today http://youtu.be/pXlqyZkYCqA
  22. I've noticed that the fry from this spawn are ligther in colour compare to my first spawn. I'm eagerly waiting for some colours in few weeks time.
  23. I will be selling one or two pairs. I hope by then they will be big enough to be part of the show. I have just jarred 10 of them today and I have a pair I will be keeping and two or three females for future breeding. I have another maybe 8 or 9 fry still free swimming in my 3 foot tank.
  24. Yeah they are on the big size now. But, soon they will have to go on a diet once I start jarring them in couple weeks time. I want them to look muscular and slim when it counts (male and female) no steriods involve just TLC and proper exercise program The best will be kept as breeders and possible show case in upcoming Vic betta (if all goes well)
  25. Vid of Multi colour CT male flaring
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