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  1. Yes! I finally figure out how to post youtube vids with images as its front cover.
  2. After a long haul in trying to get the babies to grow, they have finally started to colour up now. I have a mix bags of dragons, copperish multi colour, opaque multi colour and unknown. I'm quite pleased with their growth rate. Though, they grow much slower than my Royal blue x turquoise CT spawn. Feeding them bbs, grindals and had just started them on finely chopped up black worms. In next few weeks, will be feeding less bbs and more worms. Hopefully, that will give them incentive to grow fatter and larger. They won't be ready for September though. Also, I think they are about 5 to 6 weeks of age at the moment.
  3. I'm excited about this event and at the same time, nervous. I hope my CTs are not emo on the day itself.
  4. I'm thinking of breeding through winter. Its tricky as normally the bettas will not think to breed around this time. They tend to go on survival mode when it's cold. But, I'll give it a go. I'll just have to change my breeding venue indoors rather than out doors. Wish me luck!
  5. Jess, By this September, the weather will be warmer and the race will be much HOTTer! Bring it on heheh Just jarred two small boys today. So, they will be lots of fireworks!
  6. I thought I would share this link with you guys for future shows. http://www.ibcbettas.org/2012/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/IBC%20TA%20Articles/RT-08.pdf I think I find it useful for first time exhibits like me to know what to do for September fish show.
  7. I'm bringing some vinegar eels starter cultures for the trading table.
  8. Sounds like a good plan. I'm getting more excited about September show being IBC sanctioned. Time to really look at my gene pool and get them all nice and proper for it.
  9. Hey guys and gurls, I thinking of selling some of my CTs. Is there a sheet for me to sign or write for the trading table?
  10. Thanks maddzk. Sorry I wasn't to get your real name at the last meet. We need like circle thing and introduce yourselves with our avatar name and real name lol. In that case, I'll put my females on stand by. I hope the other boys behave themselves this week in their separate cardings boxes. May sell some of the boys.
  11. Razzi, So, just clarifying in terms of fish to bring to the meet. I'm thinking of bringing some males and females from my spawn just to show. Does male/female ratio counted as 3 per entry? or can I bring 3 males and 3 females under the same colour and same tail?
  12. Awesome news! Gave the grindal worms a try with this spawn and they were all over it in a couple minutes. More variety now other than just bbs eggs all the time. Hopefully that will help with their growth rate.
  13. Thanks guys for your help. I will look into it again when I post any youtube link on the forum. (reminder to myself; just copy the link on top of the browser and paste it on the dialogue box) Got it.
  14. I still don't get it how you guys manage to get youtube link on this message thingo. Whenever, i do it its like just a link but not the picture that comes with it. Grr.. okay relax. :alright: Hopefully someone will show me how to do it properly.
  15. ooo more fishies. I don't mind taking a look at the wild ones. Who knows i'll succumb into wild side and take a pair or two home one day. Can't wait. :dance:
  16. Welcome to the hood matey. Denning.
  17. Mate, that's okay. I sometimes do that and only realise there it was on previous page. Silly me With the male pk, I think he has some dragon scaling gene in him. I don't know how to tell or test whether he has it in him as this is just one of my experiment spawns. I'll wait for the outcome of the babies and see how they turn out.
  18. Yeah, they perked up a lot since I worked out why my bbs was not hatching for me. Just one week of bbs and they have bulked up more and even coloured up. I'm quite curious to see their colours esp those light bodied with blue metallic sheen.
  19. Jarrod, Thanks for pointing that out. Hope it works now. Lavender HM PK x Copper/Teal HM female spawn
  20. Here is an update on this spawn. The babies are now safe from the dreadful ventraless scare I had earlier. Also, this provide evidence that even if you have a mum or dad that is ventraless, it doesn't mean that the babies will not have ventrals. I think it all comes down to nutrition and type of food you give during the most important part of the the babies development which is between 1st - 4 weeks. I used more of my VE culture to feed them than my MW culture. Now, I manage to get my fry past the 4 week, I can be safe to use VE culture as my part of my fry staple diet if something goes wrong with my bbs. Though, I notice the water is more cloudier if I use VEs or MW. So, I had to keeep up with daily 50% water change and every week scrub off the scum layer at the bottom of the tank to keep the tank clean. I hope you guys enjoy the vid. They're about 4 weeks old now. Colours ranging from metallic green, blue irid and marbles. Some showing some red on their caudal fin. Others more blue tinge possibly from the mum. Can't wait for them to mature. Exciting times.
  21. Jarrod, Were any there any Crowntails entries for the betta display? I'm curious to see how's the standard.
  22. Ness, very very straight Caudal on that boss. Can't wait to see him/her as the fish matures.
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