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  1. Of course i would be getting a heater for it they sell little heater stands to that it fits in properly , I saw a 30L one ( or was it the 60L? it was big anywhoo) With a Betta in it and some community fish, and thought that the small 15L would be perfect for a betta. Just trying to look around to see what people think of it.
  2. Has anyone here used a Baby biOrb? or one of the bigger ones to house Betta in? Are they any good? I like the look of the Baby one its 15L but was wondering how well they do at housing betta with the filtration and such. Thanks in Advance -Nicola
  3. Info and such is what i'm after i find a wide base of knowledge good. At the moment i have one of those Aqua one splish and splash 14L fish tanks with a HOB filter (on medium flow) with 5 blue Neon tetra's Currently looking into getting a Betta again, as the last one i had died 2 years ago.... My current tank setup
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  6. Hi Just thought i would introduce myself.. I'm in Canberra and trying to get back into owning a Betta fish again, i haven't had one in years? about 2 or 3 Don't particularly want to get them from pet shops this time as in the past they have all had ich from the petshop, or just didn't survive even though i did the best i could giving them space and warmer water with a heater and a low powered filter as to not push them around. So am trying to look around on where to get them at the moment all i have is some neon tetra's who seem quite happy cruising around in there. -Nicola
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