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  1. Don't think so matt, but there are lots of versions on youtube, its baisically him naming all the elements in a song its cool.. Sorry Jarrod about the hijack :lol:
  2. :/Oh hum i had no problems watching it, its the element song by Tom lehrer.
  3. Have you heard this? Sorry about the Hijack *resumes original thread*
  4. you would get this joke then Yes it is a bit of a silly joke but i chuckled..
  5. My salamander Betta (Dr. Evil) Seems to be a bit more perky and not as blackened with that part i spotted on his fin....but he is still refusing to eat his pellets :| had no complaints about blood worms tho.. >:(

  6. ARGH! What am i supposed to do when the power is turned off from 9 till 4 on the 4th of january :( that means no filter.. no heater!! D: my fish!

    1. Nicola


      canberra is being unusually cold!, its a inbuilt filter uh it similar make up like a HOB filter but doesnt hand on the back.. intake tube... filter bit with the noodles filter wool (carbon isnt in there at the moment due to meds) and the bio balls..

    2. SiameseFightingFist


      This is my worst aquarium-related nightmare. I don't really have a contingency plan. Even if I bought a generator to power things temporarily until the power comes back, if this happens while I'm at work, no one is going to be at home to start it.

    3. Nicola


      Even if i had a generator not allowed to use it because of the "maintaince" they are performing :/

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    1. Sarah


      Imagine cleaning that.... or trying to catch a fish in it!

    2. Nicola
    3. mumofthehoarde


      nice concept....but reality....umm yeah

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  7. :confused: would an Air stone help put some more Oxygen into the water?
  8. Thanks Thinking of doing this method later on once the fish are settled in and its not around the spending season :lol:
  9. o.O Not to sound like an utter dumdum but is the white sand on the top just washed propagating sand or just other sand?
  10. I have hair grass in my tank, did not see the point of separating it all i just shoved it into the gravel :lol:
  11. Haha Mum would Give me the biggest death look EVAAAAAA if i went Hey ma can i get a female betta!.. my head would implode or something . I have added salt ( No not table salt haha was told to put Epsom salt in there if i dint have aquarium salt) in there but don't have bettafix, only meds i have is multicure, and that's a standby sort of thing.. but i have looked at their fins they do seem to be mending it comes in clear first right? cause that's what I see clear bits of fin coming through :)
  12. I seem to have made too many ANZAC Biscuits...

  13. Thanks!, they have already managed to get to eachother so i fixed up a barrier to stop them jumping to the other side, the buggers, caught it before it got too bad.
  14. Yea the ivy is the non aquatic one (naturally as its the pretty one LOL) Yea Im in the tuggeranong area and go to college there The fish seem to like their new tank, and the gold one keeps stalking his tank buddy :lol:
  15. Finally a good pic of the gold one keeps hiding from the camera
  16. Well hai there checkin out my new digs, looking purdy good. ello! off to stalk the snail again OMG THERE IS ANOTHER ONE HERE *grrr*
  17. *squee* got my fish! *happy dance*

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