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  1. Just noticed the best betta breeder in the world doesn't mention anything about water changes in his videos. I've just sent him a message. Hopefully I will get an answer soon :D

    He said to add a 1/4 of a gallon daily till the bucket is full once the eggs are hatched i think wich is a litre a day.. he doesnt use a filter until they are a week old either i think.
  2. Thanks Jim. Just finished watching all 9 parts of the video. A lot of the info goes against everything I have been told and experienced with my successful spawns, but hey -- at this stage, I am willing to try anything.

    Off to Bunnings tomorrow to grab a couple of buckets :D

    What my mum calls nappy buckets are about the right size :) 5 gallons.. about 19L nappy buckets are about 20 :)

  3. One easy way to find out if the water gets to the back is to fill up the front and leave it a few hours to see if any of it ends up in the back :P

    If not, you may have to remove the middle divider meaning the one that separates the barracks from the sump and lift it up a few mm and re silicone it in or something like that :)

  4. I divided my tank with a Poster holder ( sold near the posters in Kmart) and silicone with some Plastic mesh/ Canvans from a craft store (spotlight in my case)

    If you dont want shared water i am thinking you are going to have to have 2 filters and 2 heaters. on each side.

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