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  1. Thanks all that is a big help. We are rearranging tanks and getting new species so this helps us with what to put with what.
  2. I have just skimmed through the info on your link and yes I understand what you mean. Genetics is an amazing thing.
  3. Thanks for your help. I didn't want to frustrate the hell out of myself trying to find them.
  4. Hi, I am wondering if anyone know if you can get in Australia blueberry, orange sunkist and harlequin shrimp. If so does anyone know where. Ta.
  5. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has tried or knows if crystal red and cherry red shrimp will cross breed if put together. Just trying to cut down on tank numbers. Also can you put shrimp in with guppies and they will not eat or harrass each other. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I really enjoyed the fish fair. I kept running back to hubby to get more money. I would have loved to have bought some more betta breeding pairs and lots of plants. I really do prefer real plants to the plastic or silk. We are now investing in some bristlenoses to keep the algae down on the tanks and hopefully raise some funds to pay for the upkeep of some of our breeding pairs that are not breeding. (Probably due to our lack of knowledge in that breed). I will upload some photos to photobucket so you can have a look at what we have. We do sell our offspring if anyone is interested. I have convict babies everywhere. Yes unfortunately a lot of people refer to them as feeder fish but we love them. Although they can get big. I suppose cichlid keepers like big fish and refer to small fish as food. My husband has recently starte a native tank with some threadfins and we love our kribs which are breeding like crazing. Anyways I think this post is getting too long now so I will finish up and go do some photography. I have quite a few tanks to do water changes on today. We have been a bit busy lately.
  7. Yes I was at the fish fair. I was with the Vic Cichlid Club as my husband is the treasurer. We have a fish room full of cichlids. At the moment we would have 28 tanks in there and we are now moving tanks back inside the house. I do love the cichlids but I love the bettas. They are my little baby. I am trying to get my angels breeding which are a new addition to our inventory. I am also after some fancy goldfish as well. I will try and upload some photos of my little babies. Thanks for your warm welcomes.
  8. Hi all. I just want to introduce myself to the betta world. I live in the Dandenongs in Melbourne and I am currently breeding veil & crowntail bettas. I hope to be able to share with everyone my experiences and gain knowledge of these beautiful fish. My favourite are the half moon and just purchased my first on the weekend. I currently have three males, 3 females, and 6 month old spawn of veil tail parents and have 2 week old spawn of my crown tail and veil tail. So I am eagerly waiting for them to grow. I am patient. So Hi all and look forward to many posts. Cheers. :D
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