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  1. i dont know what im looking at? :-)
  2. good luck with the pond sounds awesome. Dont have any experience in outdoor ponds so sorry cant help there:-)
  3. Hola:-) welcome albany is way down south but I do end up in Albany now and then on work and it's a amazing place love it:-) look forward to seeing big E:-)
  4. Welcome mate. Well as les said there are a few over east but we are getting some good stock here in Perth. I currently have a spawn that's 4.5 weeks old that i got from melbournebettas and will be starting a second spawn soon. This weekend. :-)I keep HM's and looking at getting into some CT's but can't decide which ones just yet. Anyway welcome to the forum Deano
  5. Thanks Sarah:-) big 30 today:-(

  6. Happy Birthday!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  7. Hi guys just as promised before, here are the fish i brought from Nessa. "melbournebettas" Got 7 in total. Radar Bulldawg General Hype Frpm top left,Shade,Calypso,Chicka and Cloud And cloud is a HMPK female bought from Zac Thanks guys
  8. Hello welcome, im new too just learning as well. So all i can say is hello:-)
  9. Thanks Les yeah im definately in.For me the meet will be a learning experience as i am pretty much starting out fresh and im looking through all the threads at the moment. I am still chasing a tank for my fish and any equipment people are selling i would be interested in checking out. Yeah i had a look at the intro's page and thanks for the reply. I will check out what my local fish shops have. But i will be interested in getting soem fish from someone when she is back in the country.
  10. Thanks everyone. It was very lonely going back in 03/04 when not many people in Perth were Breeding or selling Bettas here. Well i got a lot of reading to do again to try and get familair with the whole process again before i start to get a breeding pair again but hopefully in 2 weeks to a month i should be with a tank all set up and have some fish in them:-) Well if anyone does know of anyone with info on tanks and bits for sale please let me know. Thanks Deano
  11. Hey everyone. well i am Dean from Perth and i am looking to start breeding some Bettas again. I had to stop now for about 7 years as work and not living in my own place made it quite difficult. Well im in my own place and have a bit more free time on my hands these days so looking to get back into it. I did have 2 succesful spawns of Turquoise HalfMoon's which i gave all away to friends and shops. Also all my gear had to go as well. But now i have a dedicated room and looking to start again. I am in Perth and looking to maybe get a breeding pair locally and start afresh or even if people are d
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