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  1. Thanks Shadoh and Paul for posting Video.ph was between 7.5and 8 which suited African Cichlids with other fish getting used to the high ph. Great care was taken when intoducing fish to tank.
  2. Hi Everyone As a new member (having had fish for 40 years) here is a brief background. The tank I had for 20 years was 8'long x 3' wide x 30" deep. It held 1500 litres and weighed over 2 ton. Most of the fish were between 15-20 years old and included Frontosas, Electric Yellows, Electric Blues, assorted Catfish, Venustus, Blackbelts, Tropheus mooriis, Brichardi, Auratus, Saratoga, Clown Knife Fish, Leporinus, Julies, Cylindricus and others. Have bred Bettas, Frontosas, Cylindricus. When I moved house had to sell tank and have now a small tank with Bettas. Catfish
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