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  1. thanks everyone, i too am kida shy when i come on. but will do my best to get out there and some pics up soon.
  2. hi all, my partner and i are relatively new to the fish game,just over a year ago we started. out with 5 baby turtles and a small tank, that tank grew into a 350lt to house the growing turtles then we thought why not get a few fish to put in there, we then luckly got given a 400lt full with a few cookoo's, eupterus and a few other catfish. a 120lt come next as i started getting into my guppies. at this time i was 8 months pregnant so thought only wanted 2 tanks to look after so bye bye turtles, funny thing to this long story is we now have 6 tanks up and running. funny how things change we
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