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  1. typo meant betta

    1. Sarah



      Post a topic in the Gene Pool. :)

      What are the parents?

      Did you end up finding a CT female?

  2. my first lot of bayby better are doing great

  3. australia post network is offline and they have a huge backlog to go through if your expacting a delivary it will be late

  4. My link thats the link to see my pics
  5. looking for a female crowntail to go with mr goobee thats my male crowntail

    1. Matt_95


      someone from Fishcick aquatics will be your best option, espiciall if you are after a certain colour. She is based in Brisbane but she will ship :) Good luck.

  6. Hi people i am a newbie currently have 3 tanks i have in one tank a male crown tail,the nano tank has 6 tetra's the big tank is a community tank that is what i have got at the momment, as well i have 3 female i am currently looking for 1 female crown tail if any one could help me i live in the Adelaide region looking for a breeder so i can get the right colouration.
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