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  1. I hope those new catfish settle in well and babies are just around the corner, GOOD LUCK with'em! i've definitely got some L333 or L066 on the radar as a future purchase if they become available to buy as a small group.
  2. I just have some Betta enisae young at the moment available, which one of the other members listed in the classifieds section.
  3. Hi there to all forum members! My name is David, and im based in Melbourne, in the inner western suburb of Seddon (a small pocket between Footscray and Yarraville). I've been keeping fish for around 24 years now, and since about 1997-98 got my first wild-type bettas, besides splendens, and this species was betta edithae, which is rarely seen these days. I bred those for a few years, along with a few species of killifish and AUST & NG Natives. Im an active member, and former President of ASofV, along with EDAS and VCS. I currently keep a wide variety of fish including bettas - B.Foe
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