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  1. Latest Pickups that i was fortunate to pickup a month now. One of the best aquarium fish purchases I've ever made!

    They are my pride and joy in the newly set-up fish-room.

    Quite unexpectedly though after a couple of good weeks of feeding, unfortunately the female died from a bowel infection, the male seems to be doing well.

    Enjoy the pics! Dave






  2. honestly, if you are not 100% sure, do not use this fish as part of your breeding stock, you might not realise it, but you could ruin a species in this country if you released the progeny which weren't pure-bred.

  3. Headed down to the shop on the weekend to lend a hand.

    For those who like some rarer plants, there was 2-3 tanks with an amazing range of super-rare, including a few i have yet to see for sale before, different to the ones seen at auctions.

    There is also a new pricing on fish and various drygoods, with fishfoods and seacheam products standing out in a big way. Hugely affordable! I stocked up on some catfish food, with a few different types of hikari wafers.

    Male fighters were priced from $6.00, and there was great array of tetras for those with planted tanks and want to add a school of fish to their tanks.

    Hope some of find this useful, and pickup a good deal! :-)


  4. Just popped in there yesterday rather Wednesday as originally planned, but obviously arrived too early, because they were unloading new fish, so today (Friday) would be great to drop in i guess.

    Interesting fish

    Betta pi(?) - affordable

    Betta albimarginata $80 *nice!*

    Bolivian Butterflys

    Pencilfish - N.eques (awesome!)

    Lionhead Cichlids

    Galaxy Danios on special (10 for $50)

    A couple of nice Malawian cichlids

    Still some nice male bettas with good finnage.

  5. I've worked and visited plenty of shops to know the good from the bad, and it makes you shudder when the incorrect advice is being given, no question. It comes down to training and some basic rules in place for all staff, but very few managers enforce and the poor customer walks away confused and possibly worse off, jeopardizing the hobby for this person and others. Simple enough bettas need warmth, i cant understand why shops continue to sell bettas incorrectly.

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