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  1. sun is out in melbourne today this morning, summer has definitely arrived

  2. weighing up whether or not to part with some fish at Saturday's VCS auction

  3. Heading to London in a few days, looking fwd to visiting Wholesale Tropicals one of the best stores i've visited in the world, i promise to take some photos!

    1. Sarah


      Wow, have fun - sounds great!

      Tally Ho!

    2. les


      Take lots of Pics will love to see them and have a great time

  4. Would like the fish tank fairys to come and clean my tanks by the time i wake up in the morning!

    1. Pyrefly


      We'll leave the bill under your pillow.

    2. shadoh


      Send them to me when they are done! Oh, send the bill paying fairy too... don't want to wake up to a bill under the pillow ;P

    3. Sarah


      I could use one...... sanitizing all tanks, everything.

      Free of charge-cleaning-fairy would be perfect. *dreams*

      Ah well... better go clean more tanks. :(

  5. Glad the month of auctions is now over, looking to breeding some new fish!

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