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  1. great effort, one of the most beautiful betta's i've ever kept. good luck with the spawn
  2. Breeding any of the species from the princess/brichardi family is super-rewarding! Well done on the spawn and showing it with a video!
  3. It's always exciting to breed one of the greatest african cichlids from the rift valley. Just pulled 11 of these little guys outta mum's mouth, so she can have a well-deserved feed.
  4. A breeding colony of Frontosa 2m and 2f live in the 4ft tank
  5. Finally, all 12 tanks are now in, and setup, the next thing on the agenda will be a plumbed system to speed up the waterchanges.
  6. Well put, his tankmates include a bristlenose and 3 pregnant female guppies. :giggle:
  7. They are very similar to seahorses. Very peaceful and enjoyable to keep. They are native, not imports.
  8. Latest Pickups that i was fortunate to pickup a month now. One of the best aquarium fish purchases I've ever made! They are my pride and joy in the newly set-up fish-room. Quite unexpectedly though after a couple of good weeks of feeding, unfortunately the female died from a bowel infection, the male seems to be doing well. Enjoy the pics! Dave
  9. Big fan of silver sharks, but they need to be in a 3ft or 4ft tank minimum and in a group of 4 or more, in order to be a positive addition to an aquarium.
  10. honestly, if you are not 100% sure, do not use this fish as part of your breeding stock, you might not realise it, but you could ruin a species in this country if you released the progeny which weren't pure-bred.
  11. looks like a gardneri i'd say.
  12. Okay, so i've just signed up for Photobucket account, and here is some photos at a friends place in Manhattan. 6x2x2 up to 8 levels in west village area. An amazing self-populating colony of C.Adolfoi Enjoy!
  13. What is the best photosharing option, Picassa, Snapfish or Photobucket??? With everyone wanting some pics, i've got some beauties from the o/seas trip, but not sure which place above to use? Any other suggestions perhaps? help would be much appreciated!
  14. sun is out in melbourne today this morning, summer has definitely arrived

  15. weighing up whether or not to part with some fish at Saturday's VCS auction

  16. Heading to London in a few days, looking fwd to visiting Wholesale Tropicals one of the best stores i've visited in the world, i promise to take some photos!

    1. Sarah


      Wow, have fun - sounds great!

      Tally Ho!

    2. les


      Take lots of Pics will love to see them and have a great time

  17. that white pair is nothing short of amazing. My tanks are full, but otherwise i'd consider buying a similar pair like these.
  18. great piece of info to take on board
  19. Would like the fish tank fairys to come and clean my tanks by the time i wake up in the morning!

    1. Pyrefly


      We'll leave the bill under your pillow.

    2. shadoh


      Send them to me when they are done! Oh, send the bill paying fairy too... don't want to wake up to a bill under the pillow ;P

    3. Sarah


      I could use one...... sanitizing all tanks, everything.

      Free of charge-cleaning-fairy would be perfect. *dreams*

      Ah well... better go clean more tanks. :(

  20. i've tried a new post with some images hosted in my facebook page, and the images are unable to be posted, says something 'extension not allowed' or similar please help!
  21. Spilling water or overfilling tanks is my sin, then shorting the place out!
  22. Loving the top row of tanks side on, and there is nothing better than having a stand full of tanks being the main illumination in the room. Having your show tank without a substrate is great, because its easy to do what changes remove any debris.
  23. Glad the month of auctions is now over, looking to breeding some new fish!

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