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  1. great effort, one of the most beautiful betta's i've ever kept. good luck with the spawn
  2. Breeding any of the species from the princess/brichardi family is super-rewarding! Well done on the spawn and showing it with a video!
  3. It's always exciting to breed one of the greatest african cichlids from the rift valley. Just pulled 11 of these little guys outta mum's mouth, so she can have a well-deserved feed.
  4. A breeding colony of Frontosa 2m and 2f live in the 4ft tank
  5. Finally, all 12 tanks are now in, and setup, the next thing on the agenda will be a plumbed system to speed up the waterchanges.
  6. Well put, his tankmates include a bristlenose and 3 pregnant female guppies. :giggle:
  7. They are very similar to seahorses. Very peaceful and enjoyable to keep. They are native, not imports.
  8. Latest Pickups that i was fortunate to pickup a month now. One of the best aquarium fish purchases I've ever made! They are my pride and joy in the newly set-up fish-room. Quite unexpectedly though after a couple of good weeks of feeding, unfortunately the female died from a bowel infection, the male seems to be doing well. Enjoy the pics! Dave
  9. Big fan of silver sharks, but they need to be in a 3ft or 4ft tank minimum and in a group of 4 or more, in order to be a positive addition to an aquarium.
  10. honestly, if you are not 100% sure, do not use this fish as part of your breeding stock, you might not realise it, but you could ruin a species in this country if you released the progeny which weren't pure-bred.
  11. looks like a gardneri i'd say.
  12. Okay, so i've just signed up for Photobucket account, and here is some photos at a friends place in Manhattan. 6x2x2 up to 8 levels in west village area. An amazing self-populating colony of C.Adolfoi Enjoy!
  13. What is the best photosharing option, Picassa, Snapfish or Photobucket??? With everyone wanting some pics, i've got some beauties from the o/seas trip, but not sure which place above to use? Any other suggestions perhaps? help would be much appreciated!
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