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  1. Hi all- Thinking of getting out of Fighters :( So I will post up some fish and tanks for sale soon- watch the classifieds! There will be some custom barracks with all the trimmings in there as well.

    1. lildeb


      OOH OOH! If you do sell any finnies, please please say you will post! PLEEEEEZE... I hate being so far away from all the action lol!

    2. lildeb


      Maybe reducing might be a middle-ground thing? So you still have some lovely fin-kids to love.. (:s

      Otherwise would be toooo sad.. snif..

    3. lildeb


      What a self-centred bitch I am- first I think of me, and not being able to find fish, then second I think of you and how sad and hard that decision must be... sorry dude..

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