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  1. my mystry snail eat all my dead plants bar a few leaves, but i guess that what happens when you have about 30 to 40 in a 4 foot set up. bit of an over kill but i'm waiting til there a bit bigger so i can sell them. think on that note all my tanks have heaps of snails, looking at my angel tank next to me here i think it has 20-30 in it aswell. brenton
  2. yeah i'd seen the topic somewhere too, but trying to remember which board it was in and what forum can be difficult. brenton
  3. the slime produced from some rubber air hose and rubber suction caps. the big question: is it harmful to the fish?? brenton
  4. i have a bull mastif cross bull arib dog, she is a lovey kind stupid thing. but i would sell her for the world, have been asked a few time to breed her because of her size and temperment, shes' a RSPCA reject, snipped at 6 months lol. brenton
  5. i have two electrian brothers..... been waiting 4 months for them to come wire my shed up. i suppose one has an excuse as he currently lives in america. i did think about using a normal fluro batten but wasn't sure how it would go. well i got some extra gravel tonight to hopefully root the plants a bit deeper. might have to look into getting some rocks though if the extra gravel doesn't work.... going to uproot all the plant probably tomorrow night to add the extra gravel and to sort out plants better. how do you work out how much light is getting through, seen somewhere here people talkin
  6. only single tube, could get one in town. they could order me one but it would take about 2 weeks to get here. currently there are only 3 comets in the tank. might turn off the power heaD then for a while to let the roots settle in a bit brenton
  7. Hygrophilia Hygrophilia polysperma Giant Val Vallisneria gigantea Baby Tears micranthemum umbrosum Corkscrew val Vallisneria sp. Java Fern Microsorum pteropus lily grass Lilaeopsis sp. Elodea Egeria densa are most of the plants, there is one other i'm off to find the name now of. found Rotala Macranda brenton
  8. bugga knew i should of got some info off the bag i got the gravel in.... i think it's like 3 mm stuff, not sure on the specifics of it. the types i posted before, i think.. will look up and repost brenton
  9. here is a before and after picture: before after brenton
  10. well i went nuts on ebay last week and bought some plants, they arrived on friday and my tank has never looked better. but the problem is i can't get the plants to stay in place, i end up re planting about 3 or 4 every day. so i would like some ideas in how to hold my plant in place. currently i have just tucked them in to the gravel in the bottom of the tank. will post pics soon brenton
  11. lol..... how many egg "nests" do you have, i got 5 but only 2 hatched out, still about 80 though. brenton
  12. these are very striking fish, good buy. very envious brenton
  13. it was some plain females he was picking on, but yeah i thought asmuch with the males so thats why he never when in with any. brent
  14. if only i can find some girls for my fella. til then his going to be lonely as he was nasty to the guppies in his tank. brenton
  15. trying to upload off computer on to this server. i'll add to somewhere else and just link i think . ok i'll try this, this is from another forum i'm in. the tanks aren't that dirty, these were tanken before a clean. middle take is suffering from tannin over load as we were away for a week with no water changes. 2 stumps leaking. ok and my boy and yes that is a bad picture, will have to wait til tomorrow for a better chance. brenton
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