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  1. It has been ages since I have logged on! Unfortunitly, Blaze had passed away just in the new year. He will be missed heaps.

  2. Happy Birthday Daniel!

    Hope you have a great day. :)

  3. Wow, that looks amazing. lol when I saw you used a lighter it reminded me of my pyro days X D
  4. I think Blaze has finmelt! I noticed the edges if his rays were getting a little darker but I thought he was just develpoing because he is tiny. Now the edges are starting to get darker and starting to curl like when you burn hair from one end X ( I have been using Malifix even when I do water changes just in case...what should I do?

    1. Yanagi


      Treat with triple sulpha, finmelt can be rather aggressive so attack it fast.

    2. daniel031
    3. shadoh


      I hope Blaze is well. I have found Triple Sulpha has done the trick with my boy with fin melt...

  5. Blaze is going well. He is sfinally eating the Bio-gold whole

    1. GoldenGirl13


      Yay for Blaze! thats good news Daniel. :-)

    2. Sarah


      Go Blaze! ;o)

  6. Blaze finally ate today. I tried to feed him this moring but he just spat out the Very small Betta Bio-gold by Hikari...But when I crushed it in half I had sucsess X DDDD

    1. GoldenGirl13


      Good to hear Daniel! bet both you and Blaze feel a bit betta(!) now Jo

    2. Sarah


      YAY! That's great to hear.

      Wait - he needed them in HALF? But they are like micro tiny!


      I'm sure he will eat them full size soon. Well done. :)

  7. Thanks, I saw those pellets at the pet store...I was like *Hmmmm, Should I get them? Naaaa, He will be right!* The way it always works. When I am out I will definatly buy some.
  8. True, I just wanted to make sure it would have an affect on Blaze.
  9. Hello everyone, Another newbie Question from The biggest newb out. It is summer, I hate the heat and I was wondering if it is ok to have the room air conditioned if you have Betta's in a tank? I have a heater, I was just wondering. Thanks, Dan.
  10. It probably is..I just fixed it. I am just wondering should I be concerned if Blaze does eat very much? I have Freeze dried blood worms and flakes with Brine shrimp in it.. When I Feed him (I have tried both) He just suckes it in the spits it out. Should I try to feed him a pea and see if that works? Or maybe he just doesnt know what to do with them.....maybe they fed him something different? I am worried BTW, Blaze is a giant scardy cat!
  11. Posted a Video of Blaze in the tread under fishy showroom

  12. VRbw41TPQD0 Sorry everyone, Wish I could have done better. I need to buy a glass tank(and HD camera) as this plastic one is all scratched and makes the water look horrid!.. And youtube doesnt want to link so I will put on the address.... [url=]" link
  13. *Looks at Busman who I saw looking but didnt comment!* tehe
  14. I will get a video very soon. There are no plants/ decorations as of yet, But ver shortly he will have some. AND I love the name Blaze! I think that is what I will name him X D. I think I will eventually Breed him. I just need to find some place that sells females. once I put the video up, do you think you could tell me if he has desirable traits? I think his Back fin (I forgot what it is called) is a little short but that can be corrected a bit (Hopfully) with the female.
  15. No, not orangey (My stupid, yet expensive camera likes to tell lies) He is like the colour on the left side of the red ballon I know...It is confusing. When I eventually make the photo tank It will be petter and I will post more. So Sarah, What do you think of him....I know he isnt perfect. I will start a new thread in the Critique-ing topic once i get the new pics I didnt even notice how the colour had changed in my photos...how embarassing :alright:
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