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  1. AHHAHA yeah thats my desktop in the reflection LOL This fish is a golden halfbeak, like what paul said its like a mini gar fish.
  2. lol ! Anywho, here are my new additions got some cherries for the smaller tank. nothing major. Got heaps of algae building up in there, need to clean it when i can be bothered.
  3. wow...very nice. keep up the good work! :)
  4. Another update.. lol, this time i'm going to leave it as it is. More plants, thanks to Ray (pritch33). Thanks for the plants, very pleased indeed!
  5. A few new plants, and drift wood
  6. Thanks Thanks , I'm using a soil based gravel. brands called "Aqua Soil". Great for the plants
  7. Very nice.... sell me some crystals! =P
  8. ahhh shrimpboi!!!! awwww yeahhhh!

  9. enjoy! 2FT tank I've only recently set up, waters still so foggy. The smaller tank was set up a week ago. Plenty of updates to come.
  10. welcome shrimpboi! AWWWW YEAAAHHHHHHH!!!
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