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  1. Went back to my old house today to collect up some more tanks. 3 weeks since I had been there....found a bristlenose who must have got left behind...no food...no heater..no filtration and he is still ok

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    2. Masquerade


      They are the most indestructible fish I have ever encountered. They're like the canetoads of the fish world.

    3. Matt_95


      They can even survive without water, I know someone who put some DW in a bucket with I water and the next morning he found the bristle nose in there... Wasn't even covered in water!

    4. kermadum


      I've done that with bristlenose in driftwood. Actually, not only was my big male in a crevice in the driftwood, he had eggs that I didn't know about until after I put it back in the tank and found the little buggers. Completely indestructible they are!

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