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  1. Sheesh... these guys are worse than rabbits! I took them out of the tank with the babies three days after they hatched (the babies are doing very well), and he promptly built another nest and she promptly started flirting again and they promptly spawned again!!! Again... there is a huge number of eggs!!! I don't know how she can make so many within just a few days...
  2. Looks like I won't need to go down the HM track I went in to see if there was any breeding talent in one of the local LFS... there wasn't... there wasn't any decent Betta either... the HM boy was wasn't there either... and I got talking to the manager there and asked him if there was any reason why they couldn't do an order through someone-Lee... he said there wasn't B) He asked for someone-Lee's contact details and said he'd have a look at it all So my next step is going to be to have a chat to someone-Lee and see what we can organise :cheer:
  3. Hi Paul, I have a 105mm macro (1:1) lens for my Canon dslr and I also have macro extension tubes; another 60mm or so. I stacked them together to make the macro a super macro Then with the STE2 sitting on the camera and the flash n slave mode over the tank I got in nice and close and snapped a few. Those photos are only slightly cropped to clean up dodgy framing too. About this particular boy... you should see him in the sunlight... he shines violet on the fins but you are right like some kind of refraction colour... he doesn't have that same translucent quality that the female does. I'm not so worried about selling off babies... I am legally allowed to give them away and I also have large cichlids so I'm sure between the two possible avenues the culls can be weaned out. It's also been nearly 15 years since I've raised Betta fry so I'm bound to stuff up along the way and I'm not expecting all that many to make it... then again... everything is going to plan so far *touch wood* (taps head) but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. The way I see it if I'm serious about improving stock then one needs to breed larger than normal numbers of fish and then cull drastically. What do you think about putting a HM boy into the mix to improve the PK? I'm partial to asymmetric PK too btw. I'll also try to get a decent photo of the CT boy soon too. He's got quite nice blue colour but is spoiled by patches of red on his ventral and anal fins.
  4. My CT boy has really long extensions like a CT should... It's just his fins tend to lay like a VT's fins do and lack symmetry... oh well... beggars can't be choosers.
  5. He's not a very good example of a PK though ... I love him, and that's what matters, but he's not much to look at. I'm hoping the mother will have some hidden talents that will improve the boys. It's hard being in Tassie! This boy was actually bought as a female and when he started beating up his 'boyfriend' I knew something was crook LOL. So we get things by accident and then they are what they are and you need to improve from there. When I realised he was a boy I went back to look at all the other females and bought all the real females (only two in a tank of about 30 fish... and I'm not exaggerating... the lady in the shop said she couldn't work out why the fins of their 'females' were in such bad condition until I pointed out they were actually males) and noticed that they were all stumpy little finned females and am assuming they are PK girls as well. I'm hoping my local LFS can actually place an order with someone-Lee but so far they aren't convinced There is a nice HM boy ($$$$ though) in the shop that I'm thinking of going back to get to put with the PK females to try and improve the PK line but am unsure if this is actually the right way to go about it. I have a CT boy that is with my other PK female to go down the CTPK line but I'm not overly thrilled with the CT boy either... is it just me or do a lot of the CT boys in LFS just look like VT with CT genes???
  6. Hundreds!!!! Am taking Dad out tomorrow though he is doing a great job! Dad is my Cambo PK And Mum is a Cambo PK too: I thought these two were perfectly matched. I've had them both maybe 4 months and after 4 months of conditioning put them together and they hit it off straight away. I really love this little PK male... such a plucky little guy and an exceptional Dad. I have another spawn in the process of unfolding too between at CT male and a PK female.. am hoping to work towards CTPK. Looking forward to seeing what combtail PK look like too actually :)
  7. This is what baby Plakats look like @ 2 days old Click to biggerfy
  8. He certainly has bulked up a lot since I got him in October 2010. He would have only been a few months old at that time. Good to know it's probably not rosetail.
  9. My PK boy doesn't have any asymmetrical scales that I can see so I wasn't sure... It's just where the fin regrowth is occurring that I thought the ray splitting was starting to look a bit excessive. This was him when I first got him back in October last year: He had only primary ray splitting at this point and was beaten up by Goliathy. Primary splitting probably isn't the right way to describe the ray splitting in Betta but I mean it had only split dichotomously once. Now he seems to have primary, secondary and maybe even some tertiary ray splitting (or maybe I'm seeing things too). He spawned today too with a nice little PK girl B)
  10. Is this the start of rosetail developing in my Plakat boy? I've only noticed it in the last few weeks. He was beaten up pretty badly by Goliathy (see: link), and his tail is almost finished growing back fully. I noticed the wavy edges to the tail developing and on closer inspection noticed additional branching to the tail rays and thought I'd better check with the experts.
  11. maybe I should have called her 'Cougar' Just goes to show the age barrier is real LOL
  12. The time he stunned himself he was bent into position but seemed to slide off the female as he 'clicked' into position. Still, what triggers egg release? I thought the female would just drop them. The male doesn't squeeze them out...
  13. These are more pics from the eggless mating. No eggs yet.
  14. Yes.. they just drop their eggs... All my females just release them easily. This is a new male; only had him two days and I normally wouldn't have tried him yet because I like to condition them after their LFS stint but he made a large bubble nest and I thought I'd try it and see what happened. I'm going to try him with a smaller female and see how he goes. I've put a larger male in with Goliathy now to see if that makes a difference. They are still separated in their breeding tub until he makes a nest (will Betta boys use another Betta boy's nest?). Other wrapping photos:
  15. She seemed to stun. Some times more than others. Even he stunned himself at one stage. Embrace would last about 2 seconds one ones that looked like they should have worked. At other times less than 1 second as he seemed to slip off. He seems to be getting into position correctly at times and at others he just slipped off before bending fully into the embrace. This guy is the smallest male I have but she has either killed all the others or hurt them badly. He actually started to hurt her a bit as well.
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