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  1. your dragon plakat is amazing!!!! i've always been more of a fan of the bigger tailed bettas but wow that plakat really is stunning!
  2. Raie

    DIY CO2

    if you have a filter, as long as the filter outlet is agitating the water surface, there will be oxygen dissolved into the water. if the surface of the water is too calm then little oxygen will be dissolved. i don't use air stones as my filter is able to agitate the surface enough. the purpose of the airstone is to agitate the water surface more than it provides oxygen directly as the bubbles coming out of the airstones are usually too big so they float up and disappear before much of it gets dissolved into the water. if you have a hang on filter you should be getting enough oxygen. if you hav
  3. hey all, thanks for the lovely comments as usual. the tree thing is pretty simple to do, i found a tiny piece of wood that would work as the trunk, then i just tied some artificial branches to it (stainless steel wire from bunnings) and then tied the moss to some plastic fly screen and hooked the wire through one point in the mesh to prevent it from falling off and floating around. here's a picture from when i first put it together, you can see how much moss has grown out in a month or so http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/1143/treev.jpg
  4. if you do not want to invest in a good substrate then go for non rooting plants like various mosses and ferns. java ferns are great and come in thin ones to suit your desired look. mosses also come in all various types and styles to suit your wants. subwassertang will not attach to anything and is free floating so you either need to tie it down or it may float around the tank and be overall annoying. mosses can obviously be tied to fly screen and used as a carpet or else rocks and driftwood. fissidens is another plant similar to moss where it will grow on things it's attached to. you do not
  5. to do a fully planted tank there are a lot of things to consider and it can get very very expensive if you go for the best of the best. you need to decide whether you want the tank to be low maintenance or not, as high maintenance could mean daily trimming. if you think you only want to spend 1 hour a week doing maintenance (inc water changes) then you should consider low maintenance plants (slower growing). for a low tech tank you do not need pressurised co2, i use seachem excel (liquid co2) in my small tanks and it is working just fine. that or you can try to diy co2. fast growing plants
  6. Raie

    DIY CO2

    hehe very cute picture you drew. in regards to the diffuser, make sure to get a nano diffuser if you have a nano tank as the normal sized ones will look really out of place! diy co2 should probably be used in tanks of up to 2ft... otherwise the bubbles usually do not make it much further and you'll have only a small portion of your tank receiving co2 before the bubbles reach the surface and not the plants. most people doing diy co2 seems to put in 2 cups of sugar and half a measured teaspoon of yeast lasting usually 2 weeks - then they redo the entire mixture. another method you can use. al
  7. lol captions are always fun. some reason the expression on bobo reminds me more of a bored look more like "psshh shrimps"
  8. lol thanks guys. shrimp are definitely very fun to watch, their little feet move so fast and it's really cute when they are cleaning/eating stuff. here are some links to my CRS tank: http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/2290/shrimpies02.jpg http://img576.imageshack.us/img576/9131/shrimpies01.jpg http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/2945/shrimp02.jpg
  9. thanks all for the comments. he is a cute little guy with lots of personality (a first for me in terms of fish keeping, as much as i like scaping my tanks i have never previously grown an attachment to a fish) yes the shrimp are incredibly cute! i have a tank for crystal red shrimp as well and they are extremely fun to watch (fight over food etc). and yes he TRIES (keyword here!) but never succeeds! he's too slow, dopey and big - his fins and tail is his enemy here.. he gets slowed down amongst the plants and even in the open the shrimp jump away REALLY fast, faster than he can open hi
  10. hi all, new to the forums so thought i'd post some photos of my betta set up. have posted it on other forums too so some people may have already seen it. i got him from fishchicks and am very happy with him. he shares his 30cm cube with 20 odd red cherry shrimp. am not looking to breed him so have not bought a matching female for him.
  11. Raie

    hi from sydney

    thanks below is a photo of my betta (bobo) and his home.
  12. hi all i have been keeping planted aquariums for almost 4-5 months now and have just recently purchased my first betta from fishchicks. have decided to join this forum as it has a really good community of betta keepers so looking forward to getting some tips on keeping my little guy :)
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