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  1. I agree Lilli, it seems this falls more into a category of fish for medical purposes (which If it offers any advantage to the human I doubt the fish receives any benefit) as opposed to the enjoyment of ornamental fish for hobbyists to enjoy or breed.
  2. Thank you, he was just like a human. At the moment I'm keeping a reef aquarium with the usual kinds of fish (ocellaris clownfish, gobies, tangs) and an assortment of corals. However due to a change in circumstances I'm going to have to change to something a little less high-tech, hence bettas :)
  3. I have just found your forum and first and foremost let me say that it is really great to read about fellow Australian fish keeping enthusiasts. I live in Toowoomba in south east Queensland and while I have not kept bettas for a few years I've been keeping saltwater fish but I'm looking to get back into bettas. A few years ago I adopted my first betta. He was easily the most personable fish I have ever kept. He was placed on my desk in a heated and filtered 10 gallon aquarium. When feeding time came around at six o'clock sharp and I was not paying attention to him while doing my homework he wo
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