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  1. Okay, so I have 3 midnight blue coloured guppy males and 3 'leopard print' guppy males, I then have 3 females (a few of them have perished as of late) Question - All 3 guppies have dropped fry. By the colouration that is starting to appear, they are from the midnight blue males. I'm not doing any specific breeding atm, but when do guppies begin to turn out with bad colouration/features? Is it a couple of generations down the line?? I just dont want my babies turning out looking like wild fish....
  2. Ah I would drive to Mt Gravatt if it meant my guppies werent going to turn into feeder fish
  3. Hey guys, So last time I counted (as fast as I could) I have between 35-45 fry in my tank. All at 3 different sizes. Does anyone know of a pet store or aquarium (preferably) that is known to buy guppies from regular folk like me in Brisbane area (northside?)? And how much should I expect to get from these? I've googled it and heard people generally get store credit, but how much store cred per guppy should I budget for??
  4. i still think your guppies look magical!
  5. yeah my main problem is that I dont think my fry have enough spaces to hide in my tank (pic on another topic I made) and I have seen a few fry perish from the adult fish :-\
  6. Hey guys, My first batch of guppy fry have really started to grow. Beginning to see some nice colour from a few of the males. They are approx. 1cm long. Do you think its safe to put them in my main tank with my 9 adult guppies? I would hate for them to be eaten so just wondering whats a good size that they wont get eaten. They are a month old.
  7. thanks guys - will look into it. Been working overtime this week at work so payday should bring a few new additions to my tank =]
  8. yeah but without that colourful plant on the left the tank looks sooooooo dull and boring. Saw my female guppy give birth for the first time tonight! Every other time shes done it whilst I've been out!
  9. I am thinking of making it a community tank soon, just want a vast array of colour to wake up to every morning (tank is right next to my bed) At the moment, its about 2 ft long, I think it hold approx. 65L. All my female guppies are out of the main tank atm due to them constantly giving birth (got sick of fishing for the babies!) Plants are plastic - I cant keep regular plants alive, so I dont like my chances with underwater plants, plus I dont want more mess and gunk in my tank for me to clean. Just think my tank is missing something atm, any suggestions? (Please ignore poor varnishing work - got my yougner sister to do it. Yeah, dont send anyone else to do a job you should do yourself! Also tank is not full due to taking water in and out from guppy breeding)
  10. oh cool, so she has an actualy shop? I have checked out her page and some of the guppies are unbelievable!!! What sort of guppies do you breed? I think soon I might have to give away my females, if they keep breeding like this I will have a tank full of the same blue fish. Dont think my leopard coloured ones (dont know technical term?) have bred with the females yet (not a chance after my blue ones!)
  11. Hey there, My name is Angela. Just purchased a 65L tank for my room to put a little bit of life into the place. Originally I put some axolotls in it (black one and a yellow one), but as you probably all know, they dont move much at all. I'm unsure why they died, I know the black one started to nip at the yellow one so I suspect an infection that carried on into the water quality. Now I've gone for something a bit easier and alot more fun. Started off with 3 midnight blue guppy males and 2 female guppies (soon learnt the ratio was wrong for male to female). Later that week I found an aquarium that sold guppies that had a leopard print pattern on them. Um, yep fell in love and so I snagged 3 of them. I have 4 female guppies atm, all pregnant. Currently raising 16 baby guppies in a seperate tank (pending if I find any other little guys in the main tank) Hope to learn a few things and perhaps get some really awesome looking fish from here Angela (Brisbane)
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