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  1. Hey Elle,

    Just saw your DA site, very impressive - what is the course you are doing?

    Seems besides betta we have a few things in common, I work for an Andalusian breeder in the Western District & finished a Fine art course a while back :)

    Hope uni is ace and u can take a few fishes with you.


  2. My male patoti looks like her has a mouthful >.>

    1. delyall



      Whyy is he doing this to me when Im going to be moving out tommoz DX

  3. Holy crap I just saw two of my patotis wrapping o.0

    1. Sarah


      You make that sound like a bad thing.. is it?

    2. delyall


      It just so random. I thought I only had girls and I havent been doing anything special to try and get them to breed 0.o

  4. Oh damn theyre gorgeous! My babies are a lil younger than yours, cant wait til they grow more Also cant wait for the guns n roses pair I hope that one goes well so I can snag a few fish from you Teheheee Good luck with these guys though!
  5. Love the tank And the pleco is beautiful! Such a shame youll need to rehome him, maybe a good excuse for a tank upgrade to a 6ft? :P
  6. Finally! I have tails! I didnt want to post anything unless something went wrong.. Ill post a spawn log later... yayyy tails! :D

    1. shadoh


      Great news!!! Which pair did you breed?

    2. Hood


      awesome, yeah which ones bred?

    3. delyall


      Ill post up a log now with pics.. it a super black pk x copper black hm :)

  7. Looking awesome! Migs looks amazing Really great job with this lot :D
  8. Sounds great then Best of luck with the tank, would love to see pics once you have it set up :D
  9. Sounds alright to me, I agree with what fishbites said about the angles.. I believe theyre very wrongly named Also just remember how big clown loaches get.. I dont think Id recommend them.. Im also extremely surprised to see 3 in that tiny tank you have there.. Here's some reading on clown loaches- http://www.loaches.com/species-index/clown-loach-chromobotia-macracanthus and I do hope you reconsider them..
  10. And they get huuuge. 30cm I think... theyre awesome though, Id love to have some one day if I have a tank big enough :)
  11. Oh he's such a cutey! Love all the colours Hopefully he'll take a liking to my girl :D
  12. I seriously love that DT! Niiiice setup too :D
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