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  1. Wow, it turned out to be a great day. The weather treated us really well and I was sound asleep when Ray (Pritch33) called my mobile. Anyway, I didn't make it till about half way and it was good meeting a bunch of keen fishie people. Although going through the stores I realise Melbourne needs a big influx of showbettas . They'll need someone to advertise the facts to shops. I might set up a rack against the wall in the fishroom with 2litre jars for some bettas after all. In any case, it was a beautiful day for a drive and I did end up buying some fish after everyone left, lol. I scored
  2. Only about two species that we have caught have not hybridised. However all the fish are catch and release or destroyed. I release them as the water is unnatural, warm like your indoor aquariums. The colours on these fish are utterly amazing and puts to shame many of our fish kept in tanks. It just shows what a large body of water and natural live food can do. It definitely is an experience and would be the closest for me from going to Africa or visiting central america for cichlids. Next project, indoor heated pond with cichlids? Cheers, Vien.
  3. Lol, I don't smoke. I figured the money is better spent on my other addiction. Yeah, I'm on A2F. A great bunch of people and you have to love the free bbq every so often! Another thing that you can do while in Victoria is visit Hazelwood. It is a warm-water lake, heated by the nearby coal electric plant. It is inhabited my some american cichlids. The following picture is me with a red-devil. I liked that beanie. Lost it though Cheers, Vien.
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    Thanks guys, I currently own about 16 tanks and am in the process of completing a fishroom. It may end up holding approximately 51 tanks if I choose to hold a selection of Apitogramma sp. If not, then there will be about 40 tanks. The flavour seems to be Bettas and I have seen some nice Melanos and Coppers which I am interested in acquiring, so maybe I may end up with a "tank or two" of bettas. Hey, that reminds me, I've seen some locally bred Betta macrostoma, "Brunei Beauty". Quite an amazing and unusual fish. Cheers, Vien.
  5. G'day my fellows, I was led to this post by Leema with regards to him coming to Melbourne and wanting to do a "fish crawl". In Melbourne, to my knowledge, we are the only club that gathers on a periodic basis to visit most of the aquariums in Melbourne. Leema, I dont think you will be able to visit most of the aquariums in Melbourne as there are a few good ones, but they tend to require considerable travelling. I suggest to visit the aquariums that are closeby to where you will be staying. I'll name a few aquariums that you can visit and are close proximity to the city. Subscape Aquariu
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    Open sesame! Lol, just kidding, Hey folks, someone directed me to this site because they're coming to Melbourne for a fish crawl. cheers, Vien.
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