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  1. You could try the garden section at stores, I think you might be able to get some plastic mesh/grating stuff that has holes about 1cm square
  2. Welcome Dave. They sound like some nice fish. Love to see some pics if you can. :thumbs:
  3. canary

    Hi All

    There are a few little caves and plants to hide under. One of my females will jump almost an inch out of the water to take food. And they all like to nibble on fingers Thanks Bren, have PM'd you.
  4. canary

    Hi All

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, We're pretty sure the green betta is a male, just from the way he interacted with the females when we first put them in. After the initial interest however he has gone back to cruising around the tank and admiring his reflection. They are all getting along great at the moment and the females don't show their fear stripes any more. They feed from our hands now and if you stick your finger in the male will come up and rub along it like a cat . They have such great personalities! Fairly certain the two multi's are female. Can't see it in the photos but
  5. canary

    Hi All

    Thanks for the welcome everyone, Lilli, our females generally appear to be dark brown. Occasionally I see the horizontal stripes (like the other day when one swan up the gravel vacuum ) I've never seen vertical stripes on our females, I've also never seen the male building a bubblenest. Not sure if the current at the top breaks it up or he just doesn't build one. What is masking? I see it mentioned occasionally but have never seen an explanation. Is it the black on top of his head? I also notice that our male has a white chin/throat where as others I've seen in photos seem to have colour. W
  6. canary

    Hi All

    Hi all, I’m completely new to fish keeping, Bettas and forums and I’m looking forward to learning lots from you all. You have already answered some questions and I’ve learned some great stuff from browsing through the forum. We got our first fishtank two months ago. We established a planted community tank (30L) with a marigold Swordtail, a black Molly, a Bristlenose, a Leopard Cory and a male Betta. After a couple of weeks the Molly became really dominant and started to head butt everyone else so we took it back and got a couple of female Bettas. We weren’t, and still aren’t, sure whethe
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