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  1. Sensational! Impressed and envious Congrats
  2. Hey Phil, I had the same thing happen to my 3ft tank. Was going well for a week or two and then a massive algal bloom. Visibility was down to about 3 inches Tried some algal treatment stuff and water changes every 2-3 days, even taking water out and putting it through an improvised cotton wool/fine gravel filter. Did this for 3 weeks. Finally got on top of it by only having the lights on for 2hrs a day, using Algaefix and putting in a large corner filter full of cotton wool. This caught a lot of the dying algae and stuff in the water column. Just changed the cotton wool every 2 days.
  3. Know what you mean on both counts. I generally drop in for little bits of equipment or to see what's in stock. Do get some useful tips, but had a guy in one LFS trying to sell me sponge filters last week saying they were the some as corner filters, which I wanted. What ever happened to the customer is always right? Erin
  4. :) I'm sure a lot of us can relate. Closest LFS to me is 'Ricks Aquarium', I also go to 'Upmarket Pets' in North Melbourne. My current lot of fish (Sparkling Gourami's, Corydoras Leopardus, bristlenose, glass shrimp and some larger shrimp) and plants are coming from LiveFish.com. Haven't used them before but they've been helpful and are throwing in some free stuff for me so I guess I'll see what turns up. (
  5. We're out at Thomastown. We only got our first tank six months ago. It was one of those tall all-in-one setups. Some of the fish in our community tank used to live in it. The male PK, the cory, bristlenose, a swordtail and female CT's. It all worked well but the cory is really enjoying the space in a larger tank and we can't wait to get him some friends. Have 3 other tanks for the fighters A couple more months and all the surfaces in your house will have tanks for your bettas erin
  6. Hey Nicole, Our community tank has pearl gouramis they share a 3ft tank with a couple of female bettas courtesy of 'Bren MacFish' and a male PK (I wouldn't have any of my other males in there but he is so meek the only thing he'll attack is a snail, if it's not moving too fast ). A leopard cory and a bristlenose help clean up and a small school of white cloud minnows dart around everywhere. These gouramis haven't been a problem, I have read that pearls are easy-going and easier to keep than dwarfs but I've never kept dwarves. A gourami will occasionally give the cory a nudge (no nipping
  7. Hi Nicole, Welcome to AAQ. I live out at Thomastown. I want to breed but keep buying new fish and not finding the time. We've got Plakats and CT's mostly and some community fish, gouramis, minnows, corydoras and bristlenose. This site has been great for me. Just being able to read about other people experiences and advice is really helpful. Good luck and enjoy. Erin.
  8. Hi ephemeral, Welcome to AAQ from a fellow Melbournian
  9. canary

    Hi All

    Hey Mat, Welcome to the forum. I'm up in Thomastown (only moved here a few weeks ago). I've got bettas, b/n and a cory. I've just got a 3ft tank cycling atm in the loungeroom which we're planning to stock with gouramis, leopard cory's and b/n and maybe a small school of some tetras or danios if we have room. Know of any good sources for gouramis in Melbourne? Enjoy the forum. It's a great place. ;)
  10. Hi Beth Welcome to the forum Erin
  11. Happy Birthday for yesterday Lisa
  12. Hi Joe, welcome to AAQ I'm also fairly new to bettas and have scored some of Bren's great fish. We'll have to compare notes if we have any luck breeding Enjoy the fish and the forum. :D
  13. canary


    Hi Eddie, welcome to AAQ :drool:
  14. Hi Janice, Welcome to AusAqua Erin
  15. canary


    Welcome to AusAqua Troy :)
  16. Hi Bd Welcome to AusAqua! I'm looking to breed some Ct's soon so I'll pick your brain if I need some tips Erin
  17. canary


    Hey Susan, welcome aboard. Lots to learn on this forum. Erin
  18. :) Congrats Trace. They look geat.
  19. Depends where the sand is from. IMHO white sand could be made up of quartz, and/or coral/shell. White beaches are generally made of broken down coral (that why England has rocks instead of beaches ) Otherwise sand is made up of whatever it got broken down from. eg. Red sand from basalt rocks (red indicates iron content) This is just off the top of my head so if it isn't technically correct don't be Like your tanks Phil White sand and blue "sky", very tropical feel to it :D
  20. They look great Nick. You captured the aura really well to. "Sacred bettas"? :)
  21. Hi all, I was looking around to find some tank lighting and I saw this on Ebay: Lights on Ebay Might be of interest to someone with a fishroom. I know I'm looking for a cheaper option. cheers, Erin
  22. canary

    Hi All

    Hi Ray, Welcome to AAQ. I've recently joined as well and everyone has been great and there is heaps of help and information available. Enjoy Erin.
  23. canary

    Hi All

    Yeah sure Mishy go for it. Thanks Shirely.
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