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  1. should be fine for me as long as there place to park my car I'm happy hehe
  2. thanks for the the welcomes...its sad that i just lost a fish...wish i could revive him anyway...
  3. *sigh* i was looking after the fish for past 1 hr...finally he couldn't make it...i saw him suffer and struggling to breathe...i couldn't do anything for him... it died right in front of me... RIP fishy...
  4. i hope soo too...it hurts when u see the fishy is suffering from watever it is now...*sigh* now i hope he can survive from this...*finger crossed*
  5. want me to record it for ya and post it on the forum LoL anyway...my Bloody fish is dying hope someone can help tho
  6. that avator is cute isn't it ... I dance like him too hahaha
  7. Hi everyone my name is Derek I decided so sign up to this forum 'coz my gf is browsing this forum so frequently so yep, here i am hehe.. Well I've 1 betta and 2 silver sharks and couple of guppies (same as lady0421) 'coz all her fishes are at my place hehe... ummm i dunno what to write anymore I'm not good at writing self intro...so...yeah... Nice to meet u all :P
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