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  1. I have 1 pair more than you - 5 males and 5 females. Mind you, that's not counting the 100 or so 3 week old fry I have...
  2. LOL @ Sarah - I didn't read your comment properly and thought you said you had 8.4 males and was wondering what .4 of a betta would look like :blink:
  3. Thanks Jondo, I'm open to any ideas ATM... Keep 'em coming people! :D
  4. Hey Sarah, don't u have enough bettas? :tongue: Seriously though Bec, Looks like you'll have a big demand if you breed that beautiful boy...
  5. Beautiful work on the tank Neffy! Your girls look really happy. Glad I read this topic, as I was thinking of doing something similar with having bristlenoses as a cleanup crew. Now thinking of some chinese algae eaters instead...
  6. Thanks Bec, Sponge filters may be the way to go. ATM the bays are unfiltered. I use a turkey baster to remove any waste each morning at feed time. They get 2 25% waterchanges a week as well. I have planted up the back section and have the heater and a filter to keep the warm water circulating. The water in the back is used for water changes. I used plastic file dividers for carding with a piece of binder spine to clip it in place at the top.
  7. Hi TasV! Good to see you here. It's been a while since i've been over to the garden express forums. I've just started breeding bettas as well after a 15 year break. I have learnt a lot in my short time here. I never had phenomenal success back then either. At 3 weeks old, I have more fry still living that I ever did before! Sorry to hear about the near impossible restrictions you have down there. Does that including trading fish interstate as well?
  8. Wow, I can see why you went for this guy. He really is one of a kind! I hope you can produce more like him... put me at the top of the list for his offspring... :drool:
  9. Mihaela, Dusty is beautiful!
  10. bewarebrunette - This was what the 3rd fish looked like 3 weeks ago...
  11. Sarah - No, they had Arctic Sea PK on front of the tank. I have a thread with pics here somewhere... bewarebrunette - Watched the video. The female looks like she has a bit of a temper on her... :betta:
  12. There is just over 20mm of clearance between the dividers and the top. I don't trust myself to remove, drill and re-silicon the back divider. You should see the holes in the walls from my last attempt to hang a painting.. Photos of the tank...
  13. After setting up the new tank, I spent half the day looking at the empty 4 bays on the end and feeling the urge to go down to someone's shop and buy some new fish to fill them up. Who am I to argue with an urge like that? First up is my new Arctic Sea HMPK male He was partnered with this girl... I am,however, going to breed him with the dam of my first spawn. She is almost identical to him. When I bred her a couple of weeks back, she had almost no blue/green iridescence on her body... The miracle of marble genetics! Next is my very first halfmoon! And his pa
  14. Beautiful pair! I bought a similar looking pair from JL today. They have more white in the body though... Good luck breeding them!
  15. Hi Everyone, I just bought a 2nd hand divided tank to display my bettas. My camera battery is flat, but I have knocked up a quick 3d model for you to look at. As you can see, it has 10 divided tanks in front and one long one in back. All dividers extend all way to the top. Tank has cover... Drilling holes is not an option, as it is all siliconed in. Heater obviously would go in the back. I thought of a powerhead in back section and spraybar to each compartment, but there is no way for water and waste to be filtered back out. From what I can see, my only option would be heater w
  16. Beautiful work! Where did you get the tiki ornament? I have to have one... What sort of filtration do you have set up?
  17. Beautiful fish! That's a very nice butterfly you have there...
  18. I have tails! Happy birthday spawn!

    1. Sarah


      Congratulations!!! Happy birhtdayS little fry! xxx

  19. I just love the black with blue irid. Absolutely beautiful!
  20. Hi Monika, Good to see you've been bitten by the Betta bug too! I've found the forum very informative and everyone helpful and friendly. Hope you do too! Jarrod
  21. Setting up my spawns today... WIsh me luck!

    1. rionthai
    2. Sarah


      You are completely right there Fishish! ;P

    3. shadoh


      Spawn log is up. Plenty of photos will be there. I'm going to need plenty of advice in the coming weeks guys...

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  22. Hi Tracey, thanks for the kind words. Fingers crossed in a few weeks I will have a tank full of healthy betta babies! Jarrod
  23. *waves back* Hi someone! Bought about 6 fish from your store last week to give me a good start for breeding stock... :D
  24. Hi everyone. Been a member for a while, slowly been absorbing all the wonderful info you all have to share. I used to breed bettas about 15 years ago and just getting back into it. Planning on my return to spawning in a week or 2, once I have cultures set up an cycled the spawning tank etc. Look forward to hearing from you and learning new techniques!
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