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  1. The best people on here to ask are wildnut and bristoon, as they are spawning wilds. To my knowlege, I'm pretty sure the females colour up like Splendens females. You will know vertical breeding bars look like when you see them. The horizontal bars disappear and you will see definite vertical bars.

    Best of luck!

  2. Believe it or not, the blue white marble boy is still alive and well. He would be two and a half years old now. He has lived in a bowl with the original piece of java moss he was jarred with as a fry (albeit the moss has grown to populate 4 other bowls. He is still being fed the cheap masterpet Betta food he was weaned onto before being sent to his new home. He is flared once a day and still builds a better best than fish half his age...

    Goes to show that given the right conditions, these fish can lead a long happy life.

  3. (ps, what would happen if i bred a HM with a dragon??)

    Sorry mate, but that question is impossible to answer. HM is a tail type and Dragon is a colour type. Without knowing the colour of the HM and the tail type of the Dragon it cannot be answered.

    Dragons come in all tail types (Halfmoon, Plakat and Crowntail)

    Great to see some more sandgropers getting into Betta breeding. Great to see you are doing your research first too :)

  4. Keep an eye on the classifieds section and the spawn logs (The Gene Pool.) There are a couple of breeders in WA on here. Les is one of thd most active. Send him off a PM. I know of at least one HM line he has, knowing him, I am sure he has more....


    Don't forget to make sure you have live foods for the fry on hand before you put a pair in the spawn tank. Les (or another kind forum member) will be able to hook you up with what you need.

  5. A quick use of the search button turned up these links:






    As for fish bags, you can buy them from eBay or your local fish shop. LFS will sell perfect Betta sized bags and she will post them out wherever you are in Australia. I use foam boxes from the fruit and veg shop. They are free and can be cut down to size. I use express post satchels to send my Bettas (after being bagged and boxed up) and never had a problem. I've sent a few fish to WA. On average it costs about $15 - $20 to ship up to 6 Bettas this way (it's been a while, can't remember exact amounts.)

  6. Thanks guys, I love the happy accidents like this :) I'm hoping it is a sign that my bad luck has finally turned and I can finally work towards my goals. I have acspawn of 3 week old mini skirts growing out and a couple of other pairs in tanks. All going well, by March I will have CTs, HMPKs, HMs, VTs and phase 1 of my CTPK project... ;)

  7. Had to share this guy. Not to many on here now that were around when Migaloo popped up in my 2010 spawn (my first betta spawn in a good 12 years or so...), so this will only make sense to a few.

    First of all, here is Migaloo (named after the white humpback whale, as he was pure white when named and was the biggest of the spawn.) He appeared as a random coloured fish in a blue marble spawn and soon became a forum superstar ;) (or so he liked to think...)



    I recently spawned a cambodian orange CT and a red marble cambodian CT and thought I had lost the lot to an aggressive mystery illness that killed all (or so I thought) in only a few days. I pulled out the bodies and left the tank until I had time to pull the lot out and sterilize everything. Yesterday, I started to dismantle the tank and discovered 6 runty fry hiding behind the sponge filter. I quickly jarred them up and have them on an all you can eat blackworm buffet. Hopefully, they will start to grow. They are severely undersized for their age.

    Surprisingly though, I spotted this little guy who reminded me of someone familiar.... I think it is a sign :)


    I have 3 that are this colouring and 3 cambodian.

  8. That's what I was trying to establish Peter... I took out 1st and 2nd place and Kiana won 3rd. I found out last night that Kiana sold 2 of my red VT girls at Saturdays auction, so perhaps it is one of these... The only other fish shows this year (other than the EKKA) were the Caboolture Show and the Betta Australis Betta Show... Sounds a lot like what was said in this thread: http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=14544

  9. As a lot of you know, I have the remaining HM girls from my Royal Blue/Black HM spawn in my planted 4ft tank. I had to do an emergency 50% waterchange this morning (long boring story...). Funny thing was, in the early afternoon, I noticed a couple of the "girls" behaving decidedly male. Getting territorial, flaring and doing the wiggle dance for a couple of the girlies. On closer inspection, I noticed they had more finnage and better branching.

    Here is a video of one of them. Someone please tell me it isn't just wishful thinking and I have a couple of late bloomers on my hands...


  10. Finally got around to doing the waterchange I wanted to do last week. Just as well, as the filter had become blocked and the water in the tank smelled stagnant. All guppies seem happy and healthy, so I guess it is a good thing that the top 50% of the tank had become overrun with hornwart. Unblocked the filter and thinned out plantings, gave tank a 50% waterchange and did a head count. This second drop is much bigger than the first. First drop was only 4 (of which 3 remain) this new drop of fry is 25 - 30. Looks like I may need a growout tank when they get a little bigger. I can't wait to see the results. I have put the 3 older fry in with my betta fry, as they are approx the same size ATM and they may teach my betta fry to accept any food I throw in the tank :{)

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