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  1. ATM, they are going to be left to populate the tank. Don't know if the male is the father - she may have been pregnant when I got her...
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr9gP-0ht6I&feature=share&list=UUC_QlgUJYFzNPa_Zh4MwkyQ
  3. Just went to feed this pair and discovered 4 babies in amongst the hornwort. I'm so used to looking at Betta fry. Compared to that, these guys are huge! *lol*
  4. Great looking setup mate. Well done you should have fry in no time!
  5. shadoh


    At what age do you usually breed your giants Les? I know the younger the better, but do you wait until they are a certain size or age?
  6. shadoh


    Looking good Les Is that more of a steel blue in real life? (blue can look totally different in photos, don't you agree?) Even that cambo dragon is quite nice! Do they all have the more spade shaped tail?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQm82pB-gkQ
  8. Yes, it does seem to be a current theme around ATM. I am sure someone out there will eventually find the perfect balance. Once it starts becoming a chore, it is time to re-evaluate...
  9. Thanks guys, but photos would be impossible at this stage - the guppys would be a blur behind the netting of the breeder net... Once the tank is setup and they are released, I will update with photos :D
  10. YES! I finally got my hands on a pair of these little beauties. I wasn't expecting them, so haven't even set up a tank for them. At the moment, they are in a breeder net in my 4ft sorority until I get the time to get their new digs together. :D
  11. Nice Flaring or not, they seem to have settled in :D
  12. Just finishing work now (ran away for a few hours this arvo ) Will celebrate on the weekend.
  13. Thanks Sarah and MT Only Sarah could find a Llama themed birthday video *lol*
  14. Thanks guys @Busman, only the one spawn mate - nothing eventuated with the one from yesterday. Got up this morning and no nest and 2 fish buried in a mass of hornwart...
  15. I've got plenty of red wash girls. I am on the hunt for clean irids.
  16. The shamrock female had red wash too. I came close to buying that pair, but changed my mind once I saw them in person and saw the red.
  17. ....and some very nice bettas.... *lol*
  18. Well, you definitely have your first sale if you get a successful spawn. I'll be banging down your door for a pair *lol*
  19. Congrats on your purchases, you have chosen wisely, that girl can be bred to either male Love the marble boy!!!
  20. Trying not to get too excited - waiting on confirmation that they are instore and still available Ps: I am yet to be tempted onto the Killi Train....
  21. Thankyou! I always scour someone's guppy shipments and this was no different. I can't believe that I missed them on the list I guess when you don't expect to see something, you won't. Looks like this will be an early birthday present!!!
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