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  1. Others might have other experience, but I find that the majority of my adult males like to attack larger snails like mystery snails when they have their eyestalks out - a bit of a temptation with them looking like live worms wiggling around. Mystery snails are, however good for cleaning up spawn tanks and most fry will leave them alone.

    May I ask what you are getting the snails for?

    Try and stay away from some of the common smaller pest snails like the common pond snail, they breed far too quickly and are hard to remove from a tank once infested. If you have plants in the tank, make sure you don't get a snail that eats plants :)

    I've had Ramshorn snails in with bettas before without problem. They can breed quite rapidly too, so you need to be on the lookout for eggs before they hatch and take over in plague proportions.

  2. Yes, they are mine. I picked them up at the Caboolture show on the weekend. I fell head over heels for the long finned female while we were benching in. 20 mins later, I discovered the male and that was it. I had to have them :)

    Destined for the spawn tank!

    It is amazing the colour varieties you can get that you don't usually see in pet store quality VTs. someone recently had some amazing black dragon VTs in store that I came close to buying.

  3. It's nice when you get a pair that spawn instantly like that. Even better when you get a pair that are so gentle with one another that there is not a shred of damage on either. I had a spawn like that last year just before the September show. In the spawn tank breeding one week, then the week later, they looked so good, I switched them with another pair and they were entered in the show and got class distinctions :)

    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't feed either parent during the spawning process, so conditioning is a MUST. I will go more into that with my spawning post tomorrow. But, if after 3 days I have no luck with the pair, it is back to being conditioned again for another couple of weeks. I used to stress about it, but now am more chilled and know what works for me. I usually find that by the second or third try, I get a successful spawn.

    Just be patient and don't rush it. :)

  4. I know that how a breeder sets up a spawn tank is a personal thing and may differ from person to person. This is the setup I use that after many years of breeding Bettas, works best for me.


    1. Cut top and bottom off a 2lt soft drink bottle to divide female from male

    2. Add plenty of live plants for female to hide in - I use Hornwort

    3. Add pot (or cup) to give female extra hiding spaces

    4. Cut foam cup in half and tape to front of tank for make to build nest under

    5. Add a piece of Indian Almond Leaf. Male may prefer to build nest under this

    6. Add Indian Almond Leaf, or Banana Leaf "tea" to water

    7. Add heater

    8. Add conditioned pair of Bettas

    The biggest point I wish to stress here is to make sure your pair have been conditioned properly by 1-2 good feeds per day of live/frozen blackworm and/or bloodworm for at least 2 weeks and look healthy before they even hit the spawn tank. Yes, your fish may look pretty, but if not conditioned properly, will probably not breed or produce weak/sickly fry (that's if the eggs are not eaten first by a hungry parent - a well fed betta is a content, happy parent!)

    I find most of the time, the pair are ready to breed within 24 - 48 hours. Watch for the signs - male will be busy building a bubble nest and occasionally swimming up to the female and flaring and putting on a display to try and entice the female back to the nest.

    Male Big Ears Nest Building and Displaying for Female

    The female will be getting quite excited and trying to get to the male through the divider. She will also swell full of eggs and if darker coloured, should be displaying vertical breeding stripes (not to be confused with horizontal stress stripes.) Lighter coloured females may not show breeding stripes, so watch for the other cues.


    Long Finned DT Female Showing Breeding Stripes

    I will make a post tomorrow about the actually breeding process. Please note, as I said above - this is what I find works best for me. Other breeders will have their own variations.



  5. There is a big problem in the Thai show scene with fish being trimmed. I know it is frowned on, but not 100% sure on the official IBC standing on the issue. At the Betta Australis International Betta Show last year, we had quite a few international entries that had been trimmed. To a trained judges eye, they stand out fairly easy. We were lucky enough to be showen what to look out for. Fairly easy to spot with the fish that were sent out here, as it was quite a few days between trimming/shipping and the show and the clear fin re-growth was quite obvious. Easiest thing to look for is that when looked at closely, the edges of the fins are too smooth.

    Another thing they do is trim off the first couple of dorsal short rays and "tidy up" ray length in CTs. Apart from re-growth, I am not too sure how someone could tell if a CTs rays had been trimmed...

  6. So - Everything in this tank is now dead. After so much hard work and effort, it became neglected over the past few months due to more pressing demands on my time. It is beyond repair, so in the coming weeks, I will be stripping everything out and starting from scratch again.

    Watch this space...


    PS: By everything being dead, I am referring to plants. Fish are still going strong and have been moved into other tanks :D

  7. Hi Sara :D Welcome to the forum. You are in good hands, both with Victoria Betta (plenty of members there who can help with your betta breeding adventures) and the forum (plenty of photos,helpful people and advice to get you started)

  8. Les, I have been umming and ahhing about whether to give Paradise Fish a go for close to a couple of years now. someone had some nice reds when I was working there that almost followed me home. Lack of tank space was an issue at the time.

    The outdoor tubs currently are growing out young Firetail Gudgeons, Pacific Blue Eye and A species of Rainbowfish, the name of which currently escapes me.

    Perhaps I should have a look types of Paradise Fish are currently around...

  9. Hi Trada,

    Welcome to the forum. I look forward to swapping ideas and learning more about your breeding setups :)

    Can't wait to see pictures of some of your fish either - we all go crazy for photos of amazing Bettas here *lol*

    See you around the forum


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