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  1. Is that 2 Bettas in each section??? <_<
  2. AHHH! Columnaris has reared it's ugly head x-x

    1. forever_and_a_day
    2. les


      Shizza! I hope its not in the spawn tanks



    3. shadoh


      It was my new Orange HMPK female after I pulled her out of the spawn tank (and the male ate 90%of the eggs) she seems to be responding to treatment and male showing no signs of disease :)

  3. 2012 is literally ending with a bang in my fishroom. Orange HMPK pair are currently wrapping. Copper Marble HMPK pair are circling under their nest and I'm about to set up my Copper Red DTPK male with a Red DTHM female. 2013 looks to be a busy, rewarding year on the Betta front for me... Happy New Year everyone! Jarrod

    1. plakathunter123


      sounds great jarrod let me know when u have any of the DTPK for sale:}

    2. Sarah
    3. shadoh
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  4. Thanks guys, I love the happy accidents like this I'm hoping it is a sign that my bad luck has finally turned and I can finally work towards my goals. I have acspawn of 3 week old mini skirts growing out and a couple of other pairs in tanks. All going well, by March I will have CTs, HMPKs, HMs, VTs and phase 1 of my CTPK project... ;)
  5. Well done! It looks really good Have you thought about using some kind of visual divider to card them?
  6. Had to share this guy. Not to many on here now that were around when Migaloo popped up in my 2010 spawn (my first betta spawn in a good 12 years or so...), so this will only make sense to a few. First of all, here is Migaloo (named after the white humpback whale, as he was pure white when named and was the biggest of the spawn.) He appeared as a random coloured fish in a blue marble spawn and soon became a forum superstar (or so he liked to think...) I recently spawned a cambodian orange CT and a red marble cambodian CT and thought I had lost the lot to an aggressive mystery
  7. Here is a video of the fry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsrAyBHcwDk And the parents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riGhYwd1rhc
  8. Finally got around to doing the waterchange I wanted to do last week. Just as well, as the filter had become blocked and the water in the tank smelled stagnant. All guppies seem happy and healthy, so I guess it is a good thing that the top 50% of the tank had become overrun with hornwart. Unblocked the filter and thinned out plantings, gave tank a 50% waterchange and did a head count. This second drop is much bigger than the first. First drop was only 4 (of which 3 remain) this new drop of fry is 25 - 30. Looks like I may need a growout tank when they get a little bigger. I can't wait t
  9. Thanks Sarah. That girl is one of Pauls Black Orchids that marbled out. She also has yellow in her now Glad you liked the tunes...nothing beats dragging out some old 80s vinyl and cranking up the record player while doing tank maintenance.
  10. Thanks Sarah. Went up the Sunshine Coast with a group from QAH. Spent the day at several creeks and stopped off at one more on the way home and did some spotlighting. I ended up with some Empire Gudgeons, Firetail Gudgeons and Striped Gudgeons. Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish and a few Blue Clawed Yabbies (for Pauls boys). Some of the others got Blue Eyes and Rhads as well. I'm really enjoying getting into natives.
  11. I was lucky enough to be invited to go on a collecting trip last weekend and caught some Empire Gudgeons amongst other natives. A couple of the males have started getting territorial and coloring up. Thought I might share this video. Sorry about the crappy resolution. I hate the way my nice clear videos get compressed so much by YouTube. Looks like I filmed it with a toaster...lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO2822y4GfI&sns=em
  12. Good to get some fresh blood into the lines. Jim has a good eye. He is probably the only person I'd buy fish off sight unseen...
  13. Hi Les, no special upkeep needed. Can grow in lowish light. I don't use any ferts etc for my plants. Either they grow, or they die...lol
  14. Thanks Lee. The plant you are referring to is Dwarf Chain Sword.
  15. The fry are just under a month old (I thought they were older ) I have at least one male out of the 4. He isn't Roundtail though. Faint coloring starting to come through, so will jeep a close eye on his development and see what ive got. On the way to bed, I checked the tank out on my way past and the female has released another drop of fry. Was too tired to count accurate amount but I'm estimating 6-8 that I saw at first glance. The tank is due for a water change tomorrow, so I will get final numbers then.
  16. No biggie, the info shared new and old is relevant. It may still help someone else who is asking the same question.
  17. I find if you fill the container with hot water, the glue on the outside will be soft enough to remove with wd40 or orange oil. Give a good rinse and you're good to go...
  18. Hi Riley, I asked the same question on here in August. You can read the replies here: http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=14216&pid=162272&st=0&#entry162272
  19. *lol* They do have funny shaped heads... I do love the Boesemani. The contrast between the blue/purple and yellow is truly stunning.
  20. Thanks for the info. It's exactly what I am looking for. The last thing I want to do is walk into this with my eyes shut. I've got 12 rummynose in the tank. They are pretty peaceful with my Bettas. If need be, they can be moved. Would just prefer not to. I've got a lot if reading to do, so not in any rush (mind you, I do tend to get impatient *lol*
  21. Hi all. I am re-vamping my 3ft tank and was planning on getting into rainbows. ATM I have rummynose and Bettas in there. The rummynose will stay. What are some of the more colorful species you would recommend? Can I have more than one species, or will they cross breed? Any special conditions? Are they jumpers? (my tank gas no lids) Saw some really nice rainbows today but want to learn about them first before grabbing the most pretty ones in the store and throwing them in the tank. What are some other native types I could put with them? Keep in mind I want the rainbows to be the featu
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