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  1. Brenton, I have a few of those linkable ones with switches, but would have needed at least 3 per shelf, as they are approximately 40cms long. I'm happy with my batten lighting. I have them all connected to the one powerboard that I can switch on and off at the wall.

    Thanks Peter. When you are back home and feeling up to it, I'll be happy to bring you over to check it out (hopefully it will be complete - I tend to procrastinate...)

  2. Haven't noticed those lights at Bunnings before. Ae they all wired ready to go? What brand? and how cheap is cheap?

    They are all wired and ready to go (no on/off switches, but didn't bother me). The brand is Compton Lighting and they are $36 each.

    Brenton, they come with stock standard fluro bulbs. They are fine for what I want - illuminating my tanks. Any plants I have in there will have low light requirements, so not need any special lighting. I guess you could buy new tubes that were more in the plant light spectrum if you were inclined to.

    The shelf I plan on setting my wilds up on has a 20y/o green tube in it. Came with a second hand aquarium light I bought way back then. Doesn't throw a lot of light, but penetrates the tannins and allows the fish to be seen without freaking them out :)

    Oh, and they are bare bulbed, so if you are looking for something all enclosed, move along, nothing to see here (actually, they do have enclosed ones - you pay an extra $15-$20 for it from memory...)

  3. It has been some time since I have done any "hard work" in the fishroom. Slowly but surely, tanks have crept into the main house and have taken over the spare bedroom. It has come to the point where nobody can sleep in there with the bubbling of 4 spawn tanks, 1 growout tank and 2 brine shrimp hatcheries. The kitchen has a 4 bay barracks taking up the space where the kettle used to sit and my evil empire gudgeons are plotting my demise from a 3 ft tank in the loungeroom.

    A few weeks ago, while in a LFS, I noticed that they were selling a second hand 12 bay barracks that was about 4ft long. Before I knew what I was doing, I had bought it, a new heater, pump and media for the sump. I managed to get it out to the car before realizing I had nowhere to put it... A quick detour to Bunnings on the way home and I was set. Two shelving units and some cheap fluro lighting and I was set to organize the fishroom and get those extra tanks out of the house for good. That was a far as I got. I unloaded the car, walked into the fishroom and couldn't decide where anything would go. I sat it down and left it in the too hard basket.... Until yesterday. While working, I hatched a plan. By maneuvering various pieces of furniture around tetris style, I would be able to make everything fit!

    I could put the new shelves, barracks, the 4 bay barracks from the kitchen, 4 wild betta tanks, my spawn tanks and tubs of aged water along the wall I had my 4 foot sorority tank on. The sorority would be stripped back and moved to the wall that my wilds currently sit. The shelving the wild tanks currently sit on will be moved into the office to replace the crappy melamine shelves. My guppy tanks and growout tank would sit on the top shelf in the office and books would be stored in plastic tubs (to keep water tight in case of leaks from tanks above) in the lower shelves. My 2 Aqua One growout barracks will be moved out of the office and into the fishroom where they previously sat. One on the end of the bar and one on top of the bar fridge. More photos as work progresses. I will do a video tour once complete :D/>



  4. Ok. To answer your questions...

    No snails in the tank. I'm sure some will just magically "appear" ...lol

    My dividers are made out of black corflute. I prefer something more rigid than aquarium BG. Especially when taking them in and out of the tank when giving the fish "flare time"

  5. Ok... Here is my setup (will have to split into several posts to meet the maximum image requirements of the forum.

    Keep in mind, my barracks has a gap at the rear of each compartment only.

    This is the spray bar. It is a piece of plastic tubing, sprinkler connections screwed into holes drilled into tube. I used a rubber furniture stopper to plug up the end.


    Airline tubing is added to the sprinkler connectors. Each tube will be threaded into each compartment to supply fresh water.


    This small divider is made out of plastic embroidery mesh and a poster holder. It stops the Bettas swimming under the gap if using tank bare bottomed, or stops gravel spilling through the gap into the sump.


    More to come....

  6. I tried sand in my barracks when I first got it, but had to change to gravel once I raised the back partition to allow water to be pulled through and filtered in the sump. Gravel did the trick for me, but I have since moved onto having NO substrate in my betta setups, as it is easier to keep clean. A few plants like Java fern, Java moss, Hornwart that don't need substrate will look good and help with bio filtration. You could also put a plant in a small terracotta pot and sit that in a bare bottomed tank.

  7. Have a look for Atisons Betta Spa at your LFS. It is IAL extract. Surely there is a way to get some IAL out to you, as I know some of the WA peeps use them.

    Perhaps someone from WA might like to step in and help Pez out?

    You can also use banana leaves the same way you use IAL. I mainly use Banana leaf tea with my bettas, as I have an endless supply of Banana leaves here.

  8. Just remember that your plants require light. Pennywort is a medium light plant and will need more than a couple of hours in the evening. Perhaps have it come on around lunchtime. The boys can always shelter from the light in their logs or in among the plants. Most floating plants are green. Let me have a think and get back to you on that...

  9. Welcome Bryan! Great to see the Betta/Anabantid scene growing on the West coast! You have come to the right place, there is plenty of info and betta keepers/breeders on here.

  10. Hey Brenton,

    I'm probably the last person to give advice regarding water parameters, as I occasionally check PH and ammonia, but rarely check anything else unless something goes wrong. I'm part of the old school that says if it's working for you, don't change a thing :) Sounds like you are doing everything right. I'll leave the water chemistry to someone else who is more knowledgeable. You are, however, right about a stable PH being more important. Great filtration - always remember: there is no such thing as having too much! :D

    A couple of things that might help with the setup - please consider creating a visual barrier between your bettas, either by planting heavily along the divided barriers, or cutting a piece of plastic the size of the divider wall and sliding it down so it is sitting against it. I have used plastic file dividers in the past, or cut up the stuff real estate signs are made out of. These cards can be removed once a day for the boys to flare at one another and exercise. You will find your bettas will be more settled if they aren't feeling they constantly have to defend their territory. Plants are great to help keep water chemistry stable too. Happy that you have got some pennywort in there bet the bettas love it. Do you have a light over the tank?

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