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  1. Welcome! I really like that Doubletail boy :D
  2. Is it wrong to want to re-create it? Lol. I loved it the way it was...
  3. So - Everything in this tank is now dead. After so much hard work and effort, it became neglected over the past few months due to more pressing demands on my time. It is beyond repair, so in the coming weeks, I will be stripping everything out and starting from scratch again. Watch this space... J PS: By everything being dead, I am referring to plants. Fish are still going strong and have been moved into other tanks :D
  4. Hi Sara Welcome to the forum. You are in good hands, both with Victoria Betta (plenty of members there who can help with your betta breeding adventures) and the forum (plenty of photos,helpful people and advice to get you started)
  5. I like the white tips too Shame it is a show fault :(
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anie79omUAE&feature=youtu.be
  7. I jarred up my Orange HMPK spawn last night. Thought I'd uncard them tonight while feeding to see if any would flare. Sure enough 1 boy did. He is the biggest of the bunch and will only improve formwise over the next few days with regular flaring practice.
  8. Might be worth asking. It was neally 12 months ago that she had them and I haven't seen them since...
  9. Finally got my betta breeding mojo back!!!!!!!!

    1. DenningA.Rajit


      Congrats! Can't wait for update and photos of new spawns.

  10. Les, I have been umming and ahhing about whether to give Paradise Fish a go for close to a couple of years now. someone had some nice reds when I was working there that almost followed me home. Lack of tank space was an issue at the time. The outdoor tubs currently are growing out young Firetail Gudgeons, Pacific Blue Eye and A species of Rainbowfish, the name of which currently escapes me. Perhaps I should have a look types of Paradise Fish are currently around...
  11. Well done Les! I do like the look of the Lamp Eyes You will have to take a few photos once you set them up in their new tank!!
  12. Great news Les Congrats!!!
  13. Hi Wendy, Nice to see another wild keeper on here plenty of people on here with info and advice. Hope you enjoy the forum! Cheers Jarrod
  14. Hi Trada, Welcome to the forum. I look forward to swapping ideas and learning more about your breeding setups Can't wait to see pictures of some of your fish either - we all go crazy for photos of amazing Bettas here See you around the forum Jarrod
  15. With finnage like that, I'd say she was a HM
  16. Well, that is easy then. It has to be a masculine looking female. Males do not produce eggs.
  17. Judging from body shape and finnage, I'd say male. How old is he? Young males can sometime get vertical stripes and show an eggspot.
  18. Unfortunately when I click on the links, I get a signin screen from flickr.
  19. The best people on here to ask are wildnut and bristoon, as they are spawning wilds. To my knowlege, I'm pretty sure the females colour up like Splendens females. You will know vertical breeding bars look like when you see them. The horizontal bars disappear and you will see definite vertical bars. Best of luck!
  20. Thats definitely a nest it looks secure enough - it's attached to the corner of the tank. Has the female colored up? Is she showing interest in the male and/or the nest?
  21. Believe it or not, the blue white marble boy is still alive and well. He would be two and a half years old now. He has lived in a bowl with the original piece of java moss he was jarred with as a fry (albeit the moss has grown to populate 4 other bowls. He is still being fed the cheap masterpet Betta food he was weaned onto before being sent to his new home. He is flared once a day and still builds a better best than fish half his age... Goes to show that given the right conditions, these fish can lead a long happy life.
  22. Yes, the plants will be affected by the hot water. It will probably kill them. I usually boil any smaller pieces if I don't want the tannins in my tank (I too welcome the tannins ) and once boiled and tannins removed attach the plants.
  23. Yes! My Copper Marble HMPKs have wrapped today! Can't wait to see what they produce ;)

    1. shadoh


      Oranges (HMPKs) have spawned. Got about 20 3 week old fry. Thinking about putting the male over an orange dragon HM female...

    2. les


      That sound like a realy nice combination and it could be used with the orange HMPK spawn at a later date. Looking forward to the spawn talk on this one

    3. shadoh


      Damn. Failed spawn. Male ate fry... Will set up and try again...

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  24. Sorry mate, but that question is impossible to answer. HM is a tail type and Dragon is a colour type. Without knowing the colour of the HM and the tail type of the Dragon it cannot be answered. Dragons come in all tail types (Halfmoon, Plakat and Crowntail) Great to see some more sandgropers getting into Betta breeding. Great to see you are doing your research first too :)
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