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  1. I was pretty clueless at my first show. I assumed that my fish would just perform on the day like they did in my fishroom. I had a few that curled up in a ball on the bottom of a beanie until I got them safe back home in their familiar digs. 


  2. What, if any, measures do you take to prepare a fish for a show?

    My usual methods are to feed a high protein diet of as much live foods as possible (similar to conditioning for breeding), Daily flare sessions and "angry stick" training (good method to have a betta display for judges) and keep females jarred and out of sight of males.  If a female looks too "eggy" in the leadup to a show, I usually fast her for a few days so her body will reabsorb the eggs.

    If I have a lot on hand to choose from, In the week leading up to the show, I will hold a "mini show" in my fishroom and line them up. Any with disqualifying faults are put back away.  The rest are lined up in order of quality and put back away in that order. That way, when it comes time to send/take them to a show, it is only a matter of selecting them in order off the shelf.


  3. I have noticed a shift of the number of people breeding their bettas during the cooler months (myself included).

    My reasoning is to have fry ready to jar/show/rehome in the warmer months. My next goal is to attempt to have one spawn a month to keep up supply of fish for Betta Pals, donations, shows and breeding stock at any time.

    What time/s of the year do you breed and why?


  4. It was confirmed today that the IBC has sanctioned the first Betta Australis International show of 2014!


    Fire up your spawn tanks and get ready! The Betta Show will be held alongside the QFAS Caboolture Markets Show on Sunday April 6th, an aquarium show open to all types of aquarium fish in what promises to be a huge show with something for everyone :D

    The Betta show is still in the planning stages, so further details won't be available for a couple of months. Watch this space for details!


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