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  1. Welcome to the forum! Plenty to read up on here - it has been a great resource to me for years
  2. Hey Les, remember when I asked for photos of these guys 18 months ago?........lolol Glad they are doing well for you!
  3. I second corys as an addition. I used to have 8 and a couple of bristlenose in my sorority, and had no problem. I know someone who had Rummynose in a sorority tank with no problems.
  4. It was confirmed today that the IBC has sanctioned the first Betta Australis International show of 2014! Fire up your spawn tanks and get ready! The Betta Show will be held alongside the QFAS Caboolture Markets Show on Sunday April 6th, an aquarium show open to all types of aquarium fish in what promises to be a huge show with something for everyone The Betta show is still in the planning stages, so further details won't be available for a couple of months. Watch this space for details!
  5. Very nice mate! Love that second last girly
  6. Some of those fancy plakats are amazing - I do prefer my marbles to have a dragon layer, something about that thick dragon scaling that really sets off the other colours
  7. Yes! Success!!! Who cares how you did it - you can now dazzle us with your photographic goodness
  8. I'll try and get some photos tomorrow after I finish water changes. My setups are very similar to Ashleys...
  9. I am looking at creating a line of HMPKs this colour. Your photos are an inspiration
  10. See? I liked your post AND posted a comment...lol
  11. I actually like the "like" button. I have used it and I am also posting. Personally, I will not let a button dictate whether or not I will post a comment. Sometimes I felt that I was posting to myself in my spawn logs and a few "likes" here and there would have let me know people were following my posts and just not commenting...
  12. Ash, surprised you haven't asked for a Persephone. Black body, blue fins - stunning
  13. Hey, you're awake and with it!!! Well done!!! *lol*
  14. Between work and the upcoming show, this is the only "me" time I get during the day...
  15. Ah....so the entrant was Pat Wongpan? He got RBOS with a fish bred by Taebetta at last years International show. They are a good team :D
  16. Once again - going from the photo, it is hard to say. I wouldn't personally say marble or butterfly going from that photo. I had a few yellows in my HMPK spawn that had darker yellow in the base of the caudal getting lighter progressively through to what I called "yellow lace" - cello with a tinge of yellow to it. It is a trait common with yellows. Butterfly is more of a definite line between the colours, not a gradual fading to clear.
  17. Hard to tell in the photo (sorry - cant remember him from the show - too many beauties to remember). His scaling dies look "heavier" than normal.
  18. Pineapple refers to the black outlining of the scales on the body. There are some stunning pineapple bettas out there, but personally, I prefer a nice clean body.
  19. Judges: Hermanus Haryanto (Head Judge), Todd Knight Stewards: someone Lea Matheson (Head Steward), Jarrod Nielsen, Peter Kann Show Chair: someone Lea Matheson Entry Fees Entry fees for the show will be $3 for Betta Australis club members $5 for non-members (Pairs count as one entry) Entry deadline All entries and accompanying show fees must be submitted by no later than Thursday October 10, 2013 contact enquiries@bettaaustralis.com with any questions. Australian Entries All Australian entries that cannot bench in their fish in person, may send their fish to the show via ma
  20. My girls are well trained. They see me at the side of the tank and come swimming over to see if I have food...LOL. Occasionally it takes a little longer, but never had a problem pulling a girl out.
  21. B - the tank was very low maintenence and once the algae issue sorted itself out it required very little maintenance. The main reason the plants died was because the timers that my lights were on stopped working. Every day I promised myself that I'd find the time to sort it out - see what was going on and either fix or replace the timers. At the time I was running back and forth to the hospital to visit my Dad in my free time. Between that, his eventual passing and a few further weeks of disinterest, by the time I remembered to do anything about the tank, it was too late. All the lush gro
  22. Here mate: http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=12725 That's the progress of my tank. All the ups and downs...
  23. I just jumped on to update the spawn log for these guys and suddenly realised I had never done a spawn log for this spawn. They will be 3 months old on Sunday and will be jarred up in the next day or so... The parents were a Male Orange Dragon HMPK and a Female Orange HMPK (mother of my past 2 Orange HMPK spawns) I am getting some nice yellows out of the mix. In fact, the yellow seems to be more vivid than the yellows that were produced with the females sibling brother. Most are showing the start of dragon scaling. I'm not expecting full coverage as they are only half dragons. I ha
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