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  1. Looking like I have between 25 - 30 of these. Thinking about re-spawning the male with a larger female this time. I fed them on Vinegar eels until big enough for BBS. They seem happy enough for the BBS now.
  2. Moved the fry onto BBS today. Can I just say, these are the smallest damn fry I have EVER had! One week old and only just now close to normal newly hatched fry. I actually thought I had lost the entire spawn once they became free swimming. I still have no idea as to what numbers I have at the moment.
  3. Removed the male this morning. Fry had first feed of Vinegar Eels Setting up BBS hatchery in the morning
  4. It's weird - I've seen the broken links (grrr). The photos I put up last night were uploaded to photobucket and linked fine. Mind you, I don't like the 200 pop up ads that are on the site now. I have been looking for an alternative so might give it a try
  5. 43142808_1897472396974630_3485400333327269888_n.mp4
  6. Great little setup! And thanks for reminding me to set up my hatcheries!
  7. There was someone in the US who did an Imbellis x HM line - the resulting fish were incredible. The wild look head and body with HM finnage and Imbellis colouring. The Imbellis red caudal crescent looks amazing on a HM
  8. How did you go with the hatchery? Fry doing well?
  9. I might actually set up a feral x feral spawn as well and compare the offspring...
  10. Something I have wanted to try for some time after getting my hands on some feral NT splendens. It has been some time since I have had a spawn and want this to be a success! Male: Female: Set up the pair on 22/10/18 Switched to sibling sister on 24/10/18 (1st female not interested in male) Released female on 25/10/18 Spawned on or around 26/10/18 Eggs currently hatching 27/10/18
  11. Congrats on the spawn and welcome back! Can't wait to see them grow and what you get from them
  12. Almost a year later and I finally have some wilds! Betta Gunung Raja (and they have bred) Betta Bellica Betta Brownorum Betta Falx And I plan on getting a pair of Betta Channoides VERY soon!
  13. Well...this post aged well...lol (no wilds)
  14. Edithae are a nice species. ​
  15. Male is my Red BF VT that won 1st place in the VT class in the BBB Show in September Female was bred by me from this spawn. She is the sister of the female used in my Koi spawn. She has a nice broad dorsal that I hope to pass on to the offspring. Introduced - 5th NovemberSpawned - 6th NovemberHatched - 7th NovemberFree Swimming - 8th NovemberFemale removed 6th NovemberMale removed 8th NovemberFirst food - Microworms Fed 4 times a day from 8th November Jarrod
  16. 1st feed of BBS tonight! Found some slightly bigger fry (12) in a waste water bucket. One of my assumed failed spawns that I removed and stripped the tanks down on must have actually bred. I am hoping it is my Steel Blue HM pair. I have put them in with this spawn. I'll update their progress here until I can identify who they are... Jarrod
  17. This is a spawn I waited a couple of months to do. Male is a Koi I either picked up at the Vic Betta show, or the BBB show auctions (I purchased one at each.) The female is a young red female from my July spawn (Marble x Orange Show PKs). The females matured faster than the males and have turned out to be good breeders. Introduced - Friday 30th OctoberSpawned Tuesday - 2nd NovemberHatched - Wednesday - 3rd NovemberFree Swimming - Thursday 4th November First Foods - MW 4 times a day Starting BBS Hatchery Saturday - 6th November
  18. Welcome to the forum! Plenty to read up on here - it has been a great resource to me for years
  19. OK - Closing off this log. Fish are all jarred and growing nicely. Next time anyone sees them will be at a future show and spawn...
  20. Just a quick uplate. Ready to start jarring: Jarrod
  21. shadoh

    JLM26082015 F1

    Ooh...filling out nicely! Great macro shots Jarrod
  22. shadoh

    Marble x Solid

    Results of mine so far (7 weeks) are similar - a lot of solids, some bicolours and a lot with black banding to their fins (too thin to refer as butterfly) no cellophane and no marble to speak of. Will see whether the marbling will kick in after a few more weeks Jarrod
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