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  1. After setting up the new tank, I spent half the day looking at the empty 4 bays on the end and feeling the urge to go down to someone's shop and buy some new fish to fill them up. Who am I to argue with an urge like that?

    First up is my new Arctic Sea HMPK male


    He was partnered with this girl...


    I am,however, going to breed him with the dam of my first spawn. She is almost identical to him. When I bred her a couple of weeks back, she had almost no blue/green iridescence on her body... The miracle of marble genetics!


    Next is my very first halfmoon!


    And his partner...


    Now the hard part of deciding which of my 5 pairs to spawn next...

    Last, but not least is the crowntail I bought a couple of weeks back, intending to give it to my Nephew... I couldn't part with him. The red in his fins only show up with the flash. To look at under a light he looks black with blue iridescence


  2. Hi Everyone,

    I just bought a 2nd hand divided tank to display my bettas. My camera battery is flat, but I have knocked up a quick 3d model for you to look at. As you can see, it has 10 divided tanks in front and one long one in back. All dividers extend all way to the top. Tank has cover...


    Drilling holes is not an option, as it is all siliconed in. Heater obviously would go in the back. I thought of a powerhead in back section and spraybar to each compartment, but there is no way for water and waste to be filtered back out. From what I can see, my only option would be heater with filter in back section to keep warm water circulating. Daily manual removal of waste and 2ce weekly water changes. Could also plant up back section and keep my females in there...

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    I will be cutting up some plastic dividers to "card" the bettas...

  3. What a great idea Bettarazzi! I'm just starting back with breeding bettas after a long absence and once I have a test spawn under my belt and the cobwebs cleared out, I'd be more than happy to participate. I'd probably stick to 2 different lines - Probably marble CT's and melano HM's. Will be watching this thread with great interest!


  4. I've been given a 20L tank that I was planning on using for a breeding tank. I picked it up today and the bottom is mirrored :o

    My question is; will this stress out my pair? Should I find a way to cover it up? If so, with what?



  5. Hi everyone. Been a member for a while, slowly been absorbing all the wonderful info you all have to share. I used to breed bettas about 15 years ago and just getting back into it. Planning on my return to spawning in a week or 2, once I have cultures set up an cycled the spawning tank etc. Look forward to hearing from you and learning new techniques!

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