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  1. All fish removed from barracks to bare bottom jars. Just found my yellow dragon female dead. Same as the others - no symptoms, water parameters perfect. Although they are in barracks, the water is not filtered via a sump, so they don't share water

    1. Sarah


      Oh Shadoh! That is such.. so horrible. Was the sand in with her?? If so.. you should take it OUT. Good they don't share water. I wonder what it is.

    2. shadoh


      All the fish have been in with the sand for the past couple of months, so I had assumed it was safe. Last couple of weeks I have had a brown algae appear in the barracks and have been scrubbing that off every couple of days. All my fish are now safely in jars until I can empty, clean and sterilize the barracks. Going to keep the floor bare from now on. Easier to keep clean anyway.

    3. Sarah


      Yeah, bare bottom is easier to clean. I would blame that brown algae. Good luck, I hope it won't strike again.

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