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  1. Eric, the father of my current spawn died sometime today. Same as my crowntail earlier this week. No symptoms, water parameters fine. I'm getting worried. I've never used sand as a substrate before and i'm starting to worry it has something to do with it...

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    2. shadoh


      Not that it should make a difference in this warmer weather, but I discovered I had left the heater off after yesterdays water change...

    3. Bettarazzi


      Go with your gut. If you suspect the sand, remove it.

    4. somchai2500


      I go with bettarazzi on this..The quality of sand being River or Ocean., has a lot of undesirable elements that can not be tested for. Including some forms of algae that are toxic. Case in point is the Brown Algae bloom that remains dormant in a dry state and has devastated NZ rivers.

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