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  1. i always wanted to have a yabby...they look cute :(
  2. i feel u man...back in malaysia..bettas are so cheap...ive seen a nice hmpk or a hm..will cost around rm 50...which is about 15 dollars here? and equipments are cheap too...and considering malaysian weather is hot..we dont need a heater....i wish stuff here are that cheap :)
  3. havent to the city in a while....gotta go check it out soon..just bought heater and thermometer for my fish...im dried out now..
  4. nvm la.. if u breed u sell me the offspring lo...besides..i live very near chadstone...and i got to the fitness first at tafe..so its not difficult to meet each other ... :blink:
  5. china town has an aquarium???? didnt notice theres one...where is it?
  6. if u still want to sell me the copper male ....i might think about it :(
  7. ouch..thats pretty expencieve...haahha..anyway where did u get the tank made??
  8. the copper pair looks good...the fins can heal up right??
  9. hey kitz...around how much u spend on ur set up...i think i want to replicate it :(
  10. hehehe...i tought u stole my fish :P
  11. hey guys..just to show u guys and gals my new pk.....what u guys think?
  12. hahaha..i know my ppl well...:)
  13. cool!!! im malaysian too!!! im from penang..where u from???
  14. bettarazzi...u asian? u sound like u have an accent of malaysian/ singaporean...correct me if im wrong...
  15. nice set up!!! i wish mine is like that!!
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