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  1. Primo I won't GO! Primo I won't GO! Primo I won't GO! That is a serious protest however as it would appear I have an engagement party to go to on saturday night an Bahmra and probably won't make the trek south til sunday avo after some water skiing. Anyhow, will go if we are back early or perhaps meet up half way round at this stage however my vote for dining is non weight bearing! Clinton
  2. get my roster later on today but 29th should be good. Ur all probably hoping i get rostered on cos no one likes fish shopping with an obnoxious drunked. Clinton P.S. am happy to drive as the better half will most probably come too and I wont be drinking to rest ur stressful souls
  3. You want scary? All I can say is bring a dark pair of shades when you meet me! As for Beer? I reckon we could slam a few on tour de Fish! Am sure someone else put their hand up to drive! Clinton :cheer:
  4. He looks great Dave! Did you get a spawn sister? Another great fish headed to SA! Wahoooooo! Clinton :yes:
  5. very nice looking pair! All the best with future spawns! Clinton :blink:
  6. I like it alot! Ahh Nick, You've done it again! (said to the Ahh Mc Cain theme) Clinton :blink:
  7. I have MW. you can get some if you like. Have fun tomorrow guys and gals. If your done by 3pm drop into adelaide oval for some local footy action. Be sure t cher for #2 in the red and white tho! Clinton :blink:
  8. We won but we still have to play eagles in the prelim this sunday, the GF is the week after the AFL GF. 8/10/06. So I reckon I can join u guys for a therapeutic pre game stroll through the LFS of adelaide! Anyone planning anything for the brownlow tonight? I am happy to have a few locals around for the count if there was enough interest to warrant a trip to the shops for suplies? Clinton :applaud:
  9. Fish crawl is on a sat isn't it? Wouldnt miss monday for anything i dont reckon. Hoping if all goes well against south this week to be doing monday on the 9th of october after a GF win. If you want to cheer for a fish lover on sunday I am nnumber 2 for NA at game starts at 12 on ABC. Looking forward to the crawl if it fits in OK. cant see any reason for it not too. Clinton :dontknow:
  10. May be really available in early october after losing first qualigying final last sunday. The fish crawl will help me recover from any depressionn which may be sustained in coming weeks. Early October still sounds good. Clinton
  11. SAbetta


    Mixed response there. Will see how they go I guess. I thought it seemed like reasonable value at $36 less 20% making it $29. They also had some big 1200L / hour external cannister filters at around $220. Are they too available at AOA for much cheaper? what is AOA by the way? Clinton
  12. SAbetta


    I must have done smething nice because the fish Gods are smiling upon me. Last thursday I bought 5 150L tanks with 2ft light and power head with each tank for $300. Today I went down to check out a new store around the corner from me who is yet to even have tanks and bought 1 X 200 W RESUN heater $36 1 X packet of frozen blood worms $4 1 X Fish Hatchery RESUN $10 2 X plastic air hose adapters $1 5m of plastic air hose
  13. Great fish Trace! I will have lot number 23 of spawn number 1 thanks. Pencil me in! In fact i May give you my credit card details so u can get me some! Do you mind telling how much u paid for em? Clinton I see now you bought him for $25 US. How much was the spawn sister? Could you give us a break down fo expenses for you to order this pair fromausaqua until you recieved it in WA please? $25 US + Import expenses + Domestic Transportation = $ ? AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS
  14. Great work Trace! More quality fish in Oz! Do you have a partner in mind for them? Clinton :shifty:
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